The Student-Athlete of the Month program recognizes the all-around success of select Hofstra University student-athletes.   The key criteria includes excellence in academics, leadership and dedication in athletics, a commitment to community service, and the extent to which they serve as a role model for their peers.

Jared Hammer is a three-year starter for the Pride, seeing action in more than 110 games since his freshman year in 2009. A 2012 team captain, Jared has continued to showcase his defensive skills, making just three errors in his last 612 plays while anchoring his first-base position. Offensively, Hammer ranks second on the team in batting average (.398), doubles (14), hits (49), and leads the team in RBIs (40). Living up to his captain nomination this year, Jared has consistently come through in the clutch with big hits while continuing to be a successful student-athlete, compiling a GPA over 3.0 while working towards an information technology degree.  When asked what advice would you give the incoming student-athletes, his response was “to work as hard at your craft as you can so there are no regrets when you look back at your years here”.  A native of Flemington, NJ, Jared has been an intricate part of the Pride’s success this season and is a terrific example of what it means to be a Hofstra student-athlete. 

Interview Questions:
QUESTION: Why did you choose to attend Hofstra University? 
JARED HAMMER: I had the opportunity to pursue baseball on a collegiate level, while receiving a good education.

Q:  What has it meant to be a member of the Hofstra baseball team and to play for your head coach, John Russo?
JARED: Being a member of the baseball team is a great personal achievement. It has taught me how to better myself individually both on/off the field. Playing for Coach Russo is great because of the confidence he has in each of us to get the job done. He has taught us to be disciplined while at the same time being an individual on the field. 

Q: What has been your most memorable athletic achievement? 
JARED:  Hitting a go ahead home run against VCU this year. Being bombarded by my teammates in the dugout…there is no other feeling like it.

Q:  How did you make your decision on what major to choose? 
JARED:  I made my decision based on my likeness for computers and business. I feel like Information Technology is the perfect fit for me.

Q:  What does it take to be a successful student while competing as a Division I student-athlete? 
JARED:  The ability to manage free time is important as a Division I student-athlete. Each sport has its demands with many athletes exceeding them through extra effort. However, when it comes down to it being mentally strong and prepared is of great importance.

Q: How has community service involvement positively impacted your development as an individual? 
JARED:  Giving back to the community is a great experience which has helped me learn the importance of always being willing to help someone in need.

Q:  What kinds of aspirations do you have for playing at the next level, it any? 
JARED:  Playing at the next level has been a lifelong dream of mine. Ever since I picked up a bat I’ve wanted to be a Yankee.

Q:  Have you been able to meet any influential people while here at Hofstra?  If so, who and why are they influential in your life?
JARED:  As teammates, both Kevin Flynn and Danny Poma have motivated me to want to work harder. Both of them are always putting in extra work and lifting extra. Lifting has become a borderline competition in who can lift more, who works harder, etc.

Q:  What is your definition of a leader? 
JARED:  There is no clear way to answer this question. There are many different types of leaders. My best example of a leader would be Ethan Paquette. He was a senior when I was just coming in as a freshman. Not only was he vocal but in every big moment he was there to deliver a big hit or big play. He was dependable as a player, while holding each of his teammates accountable for playing up to their standards.

Q: What has surprised you about Hofstra since arriving on campus? 
JARED: I was surprised how much I grew into this place. It is a way different atmosphere from my hometown, however, I have come to really like Hofstra.