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The Arkansas State University sports medicine department operates out of five athletic training rooms on campus. The main facility is named for Dr. Tim and Terri Langford and is located within the performance Enhancement Center. This 3,000 square foot facility is the hub for all of the sports medicine staff housing the athletic training offices and the main rehabilitation and treatment areas for all sports. In this modernized facility athletes are able to receive extraordinary care utilizing the most current cutting edge technology. The main area contains 10 athlete treatment tables, 3 electrical stimulation units, 3 ultrasound units, 3 cold compression units, 1 diathermy, 1 high volt unit, 1 high low treatment table and 1 intermittent traction table. The rehabilitation area provides all of the necessary rehabilitation equipment essential in returning an athlete to full competition, highlighted by the newest in isokinetic strength training, the Humac Norm. The hydrotherapy area of the Dr. Tim and Terri Langford Sports Medicine Center is highlighted by a 14 ft. SwimEx therapy pool, 2 stainless steel full-body tanks and 2 stainless steel lower extremity tanks. Strategically placed throughout the facility are 3 plasma televisions. This facility also houses a separate taping room with 8 taping stations, a fully functional physician examination room, and separate changing areas for male and female athletes.

The Convocation Center is the home for all men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and indoor track competitions and practices. Located in this building is a 2,000 square foot athletic training room fully equipped to provide all the necessary pre and post practice treatment. It contains 7 athletic treatment tables, electrical stimulation units, ultrasound, cold compression, 4 taping stations, a 5 person in ground whirlpool as well as 1 lower extremity pool and 1 full-body tank. This facility also houses a fully functional physician examination room and 2 staff offices.

Additional satellite facilities are located at the Soccer, Baseball and Track and Field Complexes. These facilities are equipped to meet the basic daily therapy needs of those specific sports as well as provide first aid, injury evaluation, and acute management of game day injuries.