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Colorado-Northern Colorado Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: March 14, 2012
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

General- “At this point in the season you learn any win is a good win, even though we didn’t play our best -- we played sloppy at times -- we ended up playing good enough to win and you don’t take wins for granted. We have 19 of them and some of them have been good and some have been not so good, but a win is a win. I am proud of our team for stepping up and knocking down free throws, I thought that was a huge positive for us which is something we have been struggling. I also liked our rebounding and our defense was outstanding!”

On Defending UNC Leading Scorer D’shara Strange - “D’shara (Strange) is a good player, they look to her a lot and I thought Brittany Wilson stepped up and guarded her well. I thought our team also guarded her well. I thought they got going a little bit in the second half but for most of the half we didn’t let them score in their half-court offense. They scored a lot off transitions and our miscues.”

On 27 Turnovers/UNC’s 23 Steals- “You have to give Northern Colorado some credit they are a very good defensive team, we knew it was going to be a struggle to score. I didn’t know we were going to have 27 turnovers and I am not happy about that; but they do a tremendous job defending the ball, they moved well. They are a scrappy team and they did a lot of good things, but we also made sloppy passes and were dribbling the ball off of our leg and not having the game slowed down at this point in the season. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen 27 turnovers this late in the season but at the same time we didn’t know who we were playing until yesterday and didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. I think we were a little bit rusty but hopefully that got out of our system and we can get back to the things we were doing well in the Pac-12, and that is limiting our turnovers to under 15.”

On Coming Out At The Half- “That was the key to the game. We knew we had to come right out of the half and throw the first punch, be aggressive and I thought we did that out of the gates. We were not happy with our first half, I thought we got out hustled. So we really wanted to really change our mentality and not complain about the things we couldn’t control and really step up and be aggressive.”

On Opening Up The Tournament This Way- “The teams are so different, being in different leagues playing different styles. It just takes some time to get used to what you’re going to see, and we are going to have to get used to that if we want to keep playing and winning. We are going to have to learn on the fly and be ready for anything. Hopefully at this point of the season we have seen everything and we just have to be ready for it. To be able to beat an instate team…we knew this was a big game for us.”

On The Bench Players- “I thought our bench did some really nice things. I thought Lexy Kresl did some really nice things and really got us into our offense sometimes and made some nice passes at times. Ashley Wilson made two key baskets by attacking and those kind of solidified the win, if I can look back at any point of the game those two baskets were probably the most important of the game, and for her to step up and knock down the shots was big.”

On Supporting The Men’s Basketball Team- “I think that is a very important thing. Showing them our support is very important. It is going to be a fun and exciting game and to have our team in the NCAA tournament…it is a neat thing. It’s important for the girls to see that game and see what kind of environment that is and see our men step up and play.” 

Colorado Players

Brittany Wilson, So., G

ON OVERCOMING THE TURNOVERS - “It was frustrating. But, we focused on the defensive side of the court and we held them down to 42 points, which is the reason why we won. We had 27 turnovers, which is never good this late in the season.”

ON UNC’S TOUGH DEFENSE- “It was really just us being lackadaisical that lead to our turnovers. We weren’t taking care of the ball and we didn’t cherish the ball. That is just what it was.”

ON DEFENDING D’SHARA STRANGE- “I started on her and I just had the mindset to not let her score period. My teammates did a great job with help side. I mean she’s three inches taller than me. So, Chucky did an excellent job on her and when she did get by me, my teammates had their hands all over the ball, which I really think frustrated her. I think the charge threw off her game early.”

ON STARTING THE SECOND HALF STRONG- “Well, we knew that team wasn’t going to go away. They want to be the premier school in Colorado just as much as we do, so we knew they weren’t going to go away. We had to come out and put a dagger in them early. The fact that we did that, I was very proud of our team because we have been having slow starts. So, to come out in the second half and really put them in early, it did say a lot.”

Julie Seabrook, Sr., F

ON THE START OF THE WNIT - “It’s always good to get a win. Obviously we will work on the stuff that we need to work on in this next week and be ready for (the next game).”

ON HOW THE WIN FEELS- “Of course. To have not played well and to have lost would have been terrible.”

ON THE TEAM’S REBOUNDING- “I think we had some moments where we let too many offensive rebounds go. But, we are a taller team than them, so we should have been dominant on the floor tonight.”

ON PREPARING FOR THE NEXT GAME- “I think we should find out tomorrow who we play. So, tomorrow we are just going to do some active recovering stuff and then prepare Friday and Saturday.”

Northern Colorado Head Coach Jaime White


On the first half defensive effort- “I thought we kind of fought our way back into it. Amy Marin had a great game, and really wasn’t in any foul trouble. She put great pressure on them and had eight steals. It was a great last game for her. Colorado hit that three right before halftime-- that was kind of a bummer. I thought we got decent momentum coming back in at half and then the first thing we do is turn the ball over. Then Colorado got in a swing and we had to crawl back into it. I thought the kids worked hard and continued to compete, and once again played great defense, which we’ve done well all year. The ball just didn’t fall.”

On Colorado’s 8 point run in the beginning of the game- “I think we changed up the offense a bit just to try to get something going to the basket. I thought we knocked down some threes to try to get back into and cut the lead, but I thought we weren’t great in transition and once again we have to score on one end.”

On the battle back- “I really credit that to Amy Marin and just the tenacity on defense. Offensively I thought Colorado’s size and physicality just prevented us to get into our offense like we usually do.”

On the great 20-win season- “I think all year we have done a good job, we’ve stayed true to our offense and our defense. We really just stayed together as a team. Like you said we had a great year. It’s just hard though because when you have a great year you want a better one and want to end on a higher note. All in all I thought all the kids especially the seniors did a great job. Kaesha Brown got her 1,000 point mile marker. I am proud of them; it’s just hard to end on a loss.”




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