Ryan Center and D.J. Sokol Arena Fun Facts

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Creighton University
Ryan Center and D.J. Sokol Arena


1. The diameter of the ceiling fan inside the arena is 20’-0”.
2. The number of seats for basketball game is 2,493.
3. The height of the gable roof ridge is 78’-10”above the arena floor.
4. As many as 115 people were working on the job site some days
5. In order to meet the Aug 10,’09 completion, a lot of the work was self performed because the contractors employees were easily motivated.
6. During the winter, some sections of steel had to be heated so the welding could be accomplished.


7. The arena wood floor is constructed of Forest Industry Council (FSC) Certified Wood. FSC wood is obtained from forest managers who adopt environmentally and socially responsible forest practices.
8. Commissioning of mechanical equipment, covering installation inspection, systems performance testing and verification of system performance.
9. Recycled mix material content in the cast in place concrete.
10. Use of water based VOC compliant concrete sealers and hardeners.
11. Linoleum flooring containing 36% rapidly renewable content and 35% pre-consumer recycled content was used in a very limited quantity.
12. Use of Carpet & Rug Institute “Green Label Plus” carpet tiles with Eco Solution Q fiber.
13. Use of Carpet & Rug Institute “Green Label Plus” Milliken walk-off carpet tiles.
14. Use of Solarban 60 glazing featuring SHGC of .38 & U-value of .29, blocking 62% of solar energy while allowing 70% of visible light transmission.
15. Paint block filler meets USGBC LEED criteria.
16. Use of interior primer and paint products with a low E2 VOC Content and EPR2 Environmental Performance Rating.
17. Use of projection screens meeting the “GreenGuard” certification program.
18. Use of occupancy sensor lighting controls.
19. Use of relay based panel controls used for all lighting that is not occupancy controlled.
20. Use of full building lighting shut-off to meet the energy code.
21. Energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting was used for all lighting excluding arena lighting and decorative lighting.
22. Use of rotary screw chiller.
23. Use of variable air volume HVAC systems.
24. Use of individual computer room ac units for data/IT rooms.
25. Use of power operated daylighting controls.
26. Low flow water consumption plumbing fixtures. Sorry but it’s such a standard I didn’t even think to add this.
27. Carbon dioxide sensors to modulate outdoor air intake otherwise known as Demand Ventilation.
28. Use of unconditioned air to cool the building when outdoor air can be used when temperature is not very hot otherwise known as “free Cooling” economizers.
29. Use of temperature resets on HVAC units to conserve energy usage.


30. 182,682 bricks were used.
31. 654 tons of steel.
32. 2,560 cubic yards of concrete
33. 182 Tons of Rebar
34. 30 Miles of Electrical Wire
35. 50,000 LF of Conduit
36. 800 Light Fixtures
37. 50,000 LF of Data Cable
38. 43 Miles if metal Stud Framing
39. 260,000 SF of Drywall
40. 4.26 Miles of Metal Ceiling Grid
41. 2,300 Gallons of Drywall Mud
42. 96,500 LBS of Sheetmetal
43. 10,580 LF of Duct Work
44. 7,572 LF of Overhead Hydronic Pipe
45. 7,050 LF of Radiant Heat Tubing
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