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Full Court Press: Summer With The Ducks

Sept. 13, 2010

The Oregon women's basketball team is back in Eugene on Tuesday as the club gets ready to start school and train for the 2010-11 season. The freshmen were on campus earlier in the year to start summer school, and Deanna Weaver checked in with to tell fans about the inside details. Also, be sure to check out GoDucksLive with Jerry Allen on Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. as Amanda Johnson and Nicole Canepa are scheduled to make an appearance.

Prior to the start of my freshman year, I attended summer school at Oregon.  It was a great experience with a lot of surprises. My first week there felt crazy! It was so overwhelming; we had academic meetings, compliance meetings and basketball meetings.  I've never had so many meetings! 

My classes and workouts started right away. We had classes Monday-Thursday, while study hall and workouts were four times a week. Our workouts were three times a day which consisted of weight lifting, conditioning, and open gym.  Initially, I never thought I would be able to balance basketball and academics. As the weeks went on, I started to get used to my schedule and managing my time wisely. 

The whole reason we come to school in the summer is to get used to the demands of being a student-athlete.  The one thing I didn't get used to however, was riding my bike to and from the Cas Center for morning workouts. It would not have been so bad if I were just riding on flat land all the time, but crossing over the bridge that goes over the river was the worst part. My legs were burning!

I made a lot of new friends while I was taking summer classes and working out. Most of them were athletes from other sports that were in some of my classes and also working out for their teams. In our dorm hallway was Chynna, Ariel, and Danielle who are freshmen like me, and Ashley, who is a junior transfer. In addition to us, all the freshmen football players, two women's soccer players and one men's basketball player also stayed in our dorm. I became good friends with all of them. 

It was also nice to get to know my other teammates better. Ariel and I know each other from playing club ball together, but it was the first time I met Chynna and Danielle. We are a fun group, and I can’t wait to start the season with them.

Living in the dorms was also fun. It was small, but I had a TV so I was good. The rooms had basic cable, so I was able to watch all my favorite channels like BET...and yeah, my roommate Ariel made things even better. We had a lot of fun relaxing in our dorm and being with our other teammates on our floor. On the weekends I was able to get out and explore Eugene a little bit. I took the bus around the city or sometimes I would bike (if my legs weren't burning!). Overall the eight weeks spent in Eugene was fun, filled with new experiences, and very enjoyable.  Now, I feel ready to start my freshman year!  GO DUCKS!