Have you ever wanted to know what a college football practice is like from the perspective of a coach of student-athlete?  WMU Football is allowing fans that access with its web series "Inside the Lines."

This series will showcase our football program from the inside, showing our fans what goes into a practice while it is happening.  We will also intertwine one-on-one interviews with that video's subject to let you know how they approach the game and how they are approaching this spring season.

The video series culminates with the annual Brown & Gold game when head coach Bill Cubit will be mic'd during the scrimmage.  We hope our fans enjoy this series and pass it along to fellow Bronco fans as we get ready for the 2012 campaign.

The ITL series takes a look at defensive coordinator Rich Nagy in its latest episode.  Nagy has a talented secondary coming back in 2012 with a youthful corps of linebackers with a defensive line that has been re-worked.  We finalize the series with Coach Cubit during the spring's final practice and annual Brown & Gold Game next week.

Inside the Lines with WMU Football - WMU Defensive Coordinator Rich Nagy