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Mistie Bass
Mistie Bass Second New Kid on the Block Blog
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 06/30/2014
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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Duke alumna Mistie Bass is writing a blog for the 2014 WNBA season.  Here is the second edition of the New Kid on the Block blog by the Blue Devil grad. 

Chapter 2: Road Trippin'

Hey X-Factor!

It’s yours truly; here again to bring you the inside scoop of your favorite WNBA basketball team! I am excited to share with you all the funny little tidbits that happened while we were away. Needless to say, there was NEVER a dull moment. I mean, how could there be a dull moment during an eleven day road trip? It was a long one, too. I couldn't put it any better than my teammate Erin Phillips when she said, "Another bus to another airport to another plane to another bus to another hotel to another bed in another city." However, there was plenty of excitement between winning some great games and losing some others that were just disappointing. Now that it is over, I never thought I would have been so happy to return to the dry sauna that is Arizona! The feeling of a particular heat that tightens the skin on my face the moment I step into the sun….ahhhhh! "Welcome (back) to the Valley of the Sun."

Lost in Translation

As all of you know, we have what I like to call a little "United Nations" team. Obviously, everyone speaks English (or some version of English Ha! Ha!). I compare what happens with Anete Jekabsone-Zogota and Ewelina Kobryn here in the United States is like me in France. There are times when I can speak and understand everything in French, and other times I have not a clue as to what was said, and say yes or nod in agreement anyways. Those language barriers can be so simple, yet so complex at the same time.

So, this trip had plenty of these moments for Anete. They were happening so frequently that I had to start taking notes for this blog specifically. I needed you all to have a chance to laugh the way we all were during the trip! These moments were just too classic not to share with all of you!

 Day 1 - We all arrived to the airport, checked in, passed through security, and headed to eat some breakfast at a restaurant near the gate. Being the tight-niched team we are, all decided on the same place, and we all got into the same line to order. As we all are receiving our individual orders, I can't help but to see the frustration all over Anete's face. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me, "I don't understand what is taking them so long to give me my english muffin." I didn't either…given the fact I ordered after her, and received my food before her. I just told her I don't know. Not even five minutes later, I see her even more flustered. I again proceed to ask her what’s wrong now. She opens her bag and said, "Look at this." I looked and asked, "And the problem is?” Anete said, "I ordered an english muffin and they gave me this." I told her, "Hunny, that IS an english muffin." She was like, "What?!?! I thought an english muffin was like blueberry or banana…a normal muffin."

She basically just assumed a muffin in America would be called an "English" muffin. Oh, the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

Day 3 - Everyone was sitting down in the airport enjoying their snacks purchased at the overpriced convenient store, when Anete was overly excited about her choice! She told everyone, with her eyes so big from the joy she was experiencing and said, "I just love these Mike and Likes." Diana, being the charming DT everyone knows and loves, started to mock her over and over. "Ooooo guys I looooove these Mike and Likes. Anyone want some Mike and Likes? You never had some Mike and Likes?" As you could imagine, we all laughed once again.

Day 8 - We were all celebrating Diana's Birthday at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in the Mohegan Sun. Everyone was watching DeWanna Bonner play the addicting game called "Don't Touch the White Tile." Apparently it is quite addicting and Anete had to be one of the many who downloaded the game this evening. There was a small competition going on to see who could get the most points, and quite frankly my blood pressure was rising just watching. Anete followed and tried her go at it, and Erin and Diana began joking with her. She failed quickly and put her hands in the air saying "Now you guys nervous me." The laughter poured over the table. We all said, "You mean we are making you nervous?"

The best part is she is just too cute when she does these things.

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