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Juwan Thompson
Juwan Thompson Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 09/13/2013
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, sat down with senior Juwan Thompson to learn more about the Fairburn, Ga., native. Name your three favorite things about being a student-athlete at Duke.
Juwan Thompson: School, the football aspect and getting to interact with different cultures on campus. What is your favorite ‘on the field’ memory?
JT: I’d say my first touchdown. That was a big moment, especially because I didn’t get one my freshman year. That same year, in the second game against Tulane, I tried to jump over a linebacker who met me. I spun in the air, saw the goal line and just hopped in. That was a big moment. Then I scored another touchdown [in the same game], so it was a big day for me. What is your favorite ‘off the field’ memory?
JT: Last year I made dean’s list, so that was a big stepping stone for me. When I first came in, I was kind of overwhelmed. I did fairly well, but I didn’t do as well as I normally would do [academically]. Name three things that motivate you to perform.
JT: First and foremost, my family. I have younger siblings that look up to me, since I’m the oldest in the family. My mom has helped me get to this point and push me. She motivates me every day because I see her work hard to get me here, and when she gets a chance, she checks on me and that just motivates me even more to keep pushing, to put a smile on her face. Lastly, I’d say my teammates. They look at me as a leader and all I want to do is show them the right way, both on and off the field. Who are three people you model your game after?
JT: For me, I never really watched a lot of football. I was a big basketball person. Over the years, I’ve seen some guys that I’ve really liked to watch, including Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster and Trent Richardson. Richardson has been a nice person to watch, especially from a college standpoint. I like to tune into his games because I know I’m going to see someone get trucked. Those three guys I’ve honed in on watching this year. What are three words that describe you?
JT: Leader, motivator and helper.