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The varsity-8 boat on the water at the San Diego Crew Classic.
The varsity-8 boat on the water at the San Diego Crew Classic.
ROW | V8 Boat Advances To Petite Final at Crew Classic
Release: Sunday 03/31/2012 
by SMC Athletics

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The Saint Mary's women's rowing team competed in two separate events on Saturday.  The varsity-8 boat and the novice-8 boat raced at the San Diego Crew Classic while the second varsity-8 raced against Santa Clara in a duel race at the Lexington Reservoir in Santa Clara, Calif.

The varsity-8 finished fifth in their heat at the San Diego Crew Classic, and is advancing to the petite final of the Cal Cup. Fourth place finisher Miami was penalized for coming into the Gaels' lane during the race.  Saint Mary's finished with a time of 6:57.68 ahead of St. Josephs and rival Santa Clara.

"Chelsea handled the situation well," said head coach Nicole Younts.  "She couldn't make any moves for 3-400 meters without running into Miami or moving into Santa Clara's lane. She kept the crew composed and then when the path was clear they moved a length over the next 400 meters. This crew has more to go and is looking forward to racing again tomorrow."

The lineup for the varsity-8 boat was Coxswain Chelsea Serrano, Haley Adams, Michelle Felmlee-Gartner, Dana Cook, Maryann Concannon, Deanna Estes, Stacey Boss, Christina Bennett, and Savina Brown.  The Gaels will face off against Gonzaga, Sacramento State, Grand Valley, Kansas State, and Western Washington in the petite final.

The novice-8 boat finished seventh in their heat and did not advance to a final.  The boat clocked in with a time of 7:35.93.   The n8 Lineup: Coxswain Bennett Collier, Tessa Cunha, Katie Wahl, Julia Turner, Taylor Cole, Allison McKenzie, Caitlin Evans, Katie McCollam, Rebecca Beutler.

In Santa Clara, the varsity-4 face was cancelled due to weather conditions; however the second varsity-8 managed to get their race in.  Making their first race of the season, the 2V8's clocked in with a time of 7:25, defeating Santa Clara by 25 seconds. 

The 2V8's led from start to finish in rainy, windy conditions, and opened up the margin in the second thousand.  The lineup for the second varsity 8 boat was: coxswain Natalie Livingston, Rachel Alvarez, Nathalie Lambrecht, Nicolette Pierantoni, Alex Iwaszewicz, Kira Paulin, Mari Irby, Kylene Gilmore, and Brandy Cho.

"This was the first race of the year for the 2V. They knew they were going to have to race hard against Santa Clara and they did," said Younts.

The varsity-8 boat will return to the water tomorrow, April 1 at 8:40 in Mission Bay.