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Canisius Athletic Department BIO
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*Dr. James H. Crowdle '19 -Graduate Manager of Athletics - Nicknamed "Doc," Crowdle set up a number of firsts for Canisius College, beginning with creating his position of Graduate manager in 1919, when he ran the first Niagara- Canisius football game, played at the Villa accruing $72.15 in ticket sales. He also introduced Sunday football, with Canisius becoming the first Catholic College in the East to engage in the idea. Crowdle also brought doubleheader basketball to Buffalo for the first time in 1936 when Canisius tangled with Georgetown and Niagara met St. Bonaventure, and in 1943, Buffalo was recognized as one of the three largest basketball centers in the nation. He also founded the student council at Canisius, and in 1943 was promoted to serving as Director of Publicity, founding The Griffin Student Newspaper. He played multiple roles in the athletic department, catering to visiting teams and coaches and officials, and often filled in roles of scoring, PA announcements, making arrangements for the Auditorium, setting up the press table, and many other duties. In one notable doubleheader, Courier correspondent Ray Ryan had a sudden heart attack and Crowdle assumed the post of staff correspondent for the Courier for the second half of the game, then proceeded to take over the play-by-play announcing for booster Jim Wells, who was sick, in the second game of the doubleheader among his other duties. In the early editions of The Griffin student newspaper, the column, "Doc says" was a staple, with updates on teams and the athletic department.