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Creighton Compliance

Welcome to the Creighton University Compliance home page! The goal of the site is to provide to our boosters, alumni, fans, coaches, prospects and student-athletes information regarding the rules and regulations of the NCAA and the BIG EAST Conference. Compliance of the rules and regulations is essential to creating a winning environment for all of Creighton’s athletic teams. Please take time to review the links on the site. It is the responsibility of every individual associated with Creighton Athletics to be educated. If questions arise, we ask that you contact our Director of Compliance, Brandy Menaugh, at (402) 280-3008 or by email at Asking questions before acting ensures that the eligibility of our department and our student-athletes is not jeopardized. We thank you for your continued and loyal support of Creighton University Athletics. Go Jays!

Below are links to new NCAA legislation. You need to become aware of the new legislation and then comply with it. Please become informed !!!


General Information
Education for prospective student-athletes and their families is especially important. Making sure that you are aware of and understand the rules associated with becoming a student-athlete at Creighton University ensures that your experience prior to arriving on campus will be a positive one. Certain steps need to be accomplished in order to be academically and athletically eligible. Please take time to review these links. Should questions arise, please contact the Athletic Compliance office at (402) 280-3008 or by email at

2014-15 Division I Summary of NCAA Regulations
BIG EAST Conference Code of Conduct
Creighton University Home Page
Creighton University Admissions
2015-16 NCAA List of Banned Drug Classes

NCAA Graduation Success Rates, Graduation Rates and APR Database
Creighton's Graduation Success Rate Report
Creighton's Federal Graduation Rate Report
Creighton's Academic ProgressReport
BIG EAST Conference Home Page

NCAA Drug Testing Program

NCAA Home Page

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Recruiting Calendars

National Center for Drug Free Sport
National Letter of Intent
Sports Agents

Sports Wagering Information

Updated ADHD Guidelines

Prospective Student-Athlete Resources
To be successful in intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes must make an effort to be educated about the rules and regulations associated with the NCAA, the BIG EAST Conference and Creighton University. This site allows for continuing education to be achieved. Listed below you will find links to sites containing valuable information to make your experience as a student-athlete at Creighton University more enjoyable. If questions should arise about the information found on this site or on any of the links provided, please contact the Compliance Office at (402) 280-3008 or by email at

Amateurism Certification
General Eligibility Center Info
Initial Eligibility Brochure
International Academics Standards
NCAA Gambling Information
NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete
Student Information Page
NCAA Transfer Guide

Incoming Transfers
Please make sure that if you are planning to transfer to Creighton University an unofficial transcript from your previous university is sent as soon as possible to the Creighton University Admissions office. An unofficial transcript should also be sent to your coach. Submitting a transcript early allows the appropriate academic advisors to review the classes you have taken and evaluate whether they are suitable for the core curriculum at Creighton. Waiting until you arrive on campus to request a transcript may delay your registration into classes and your certification to be allowed to participate in athletics.

Creighton University Core Curriculum: Arts & Sciences
Creighton University Core Curriculum: College of Business Administration
NCAA Transfer Guide

Incoming International Students
Creighton University Office of International Programs
TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
NCAA International Information

Current Student-Athlete Resources
Student-Athlete Affairs (SAA)
Continuing Eligibility Requirements
National SAAC
NCAA Scholarships & Internships
Student-Athlete Handbook, Updated Nov. 23, 2014


Agent Guide


Boosters are an integral part of the overall athletic process. Your support allows the athletic department to grow and for student-athletes to experience a first-class education and play in top-rated facilities. It is the responsibility of the athletic department to provide you with educational materials regarding the rules associated with intercollegiate athletics at the Division I level. Below you will find links for information regarding permissible involvement of boosters in various aspects of the department. We understand that not every situation will be covered and we ask that if questions arise, you contact the Athletic Compliance Office at (402) 280-3008 or by email at

Creighton University Home Page
NCAA Home Page
2015-16 Booster Education

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