Photo by: UCSD
(L to R) Rose Forcier, Munira Gesner, Alexandra Stanley, Casey Gillcrest and Michael Fong finished third or better at the NCAA Western Regionals.
Five Tritons Claim Medals at NCAA West Regionals
Release: Tuesday 03/13/2012 

STANFORD, Calif. - Five fencers from UC San Diego took home medals Saturday at the NCAA West Regionals, held at Stanford University. Tritons Munira Gesner and Rose Forcier stood second on their respective podiums, while Lexy Stanley, Casey Gillcrist and Michael Fong secured third place finishes.

UCSD entered 23 fencers in the contest to compete against the likes of Stanford, Air Force Academy and Cal Tech. The Cardinal had a dominant showing at the event, topping the leaderboard in five of six weapon categories.

In women's sabre, Triton Gesner won silver and teammate Stanley took home bronze. Forcier placed second in the women's foil contest, while Gillcrist finished third in women's epee.

Fong was the lone Triton to place in the competition on the men's side. Missing the silver by only indicators, he secured third place in the men's foil event. Fong had the same number of victories as Air Force's Phillip Choy, but finished with four less indicator touches than the second place finisher.

Because they placed second or better at the regional competition, Forcier and Gesner will go on to represent the Tritons at the NCAA National Championships, held March 24-25 in Columbus, Ohio.

NCAA West Regionals
March 10, 2012
The Fencing Center at Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation
Stanford, Calif.

Women's Sabre
1. Julia Klepner (Stanford)
2. Munira Gesner (UCSD)
3. Lexy Stanley (UCSD)

4. Atira Richards (Stanford)
5. Suraya Omar (Stanford)
6. Saskia Hicks (Air Force)
7. Dipti Kanthilal (UCSD)
8. Elizabeth Shimei (UCSD)

Women's Foil
1. Lily McElwee (Stanford)
2. Rose Forcier (UCSD)
3. Lydia Hill (Air Force)
4. Victoria Parra (UCSD)
5. Amrit Khalsa (UCSD)

6. Amanda Zerbe (Stanford)
7. Christina Jung (Air Force)
8. Katie Fisher (Cal Tech)
9. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD)

Women's Epee
1. Rebecca Chung (Stanford)
2. Ashley Titan (Stanford)
3. Casey Gillcrist (UCSD)
4. Natalie Chan (UCSD)
5. Olivia Prosseda (Air Force)
6. Diane Yi (UCSD)
7. Moriah Kreeger (UCSD)
8. Ingrid Fielder (Cal Tech)

Men's Sabre
1. Cameron Lindsay (Stanford)
2. Jeremy Klepner (Stanford)
3. Daniel McHugh (Stanford)
4. Emiliano Kaptain (Air Force)
5. Nick Bartuzik (UCSD)
6. Peter Meckling (UCSD)

7. Scott Pippin (Air Force)
8. Bryson Abilay (UCSD)
9. Emerson Woerner (Air Force)
10. Jonathan Schor (Cal Tech)
11. Harrison Miller (Cal Tech)

Men's Foil
1. Turner Caldwell (Stanford)
2. Phillip Choy (Air Force)
3. Michael Fong (UCSD)
4. Alex Chiang (Air Force)
5. Andrew Shuermann (Stanford)
6. Joseph Schenkel (UCSD)
7. Alex Lavin (UCSD)

8. Jonathon Lee (Stanford)
9. Jeffrey Chan (UCSD)

Men's Epee
1. Chase House (Air Force)
2. Kian Ameli (Stanford)
3. Cole Connelly (Stanford)
4. Kevin Mo (Stanford)
5. Jake Harbour (Stanford)
6. Nathan Sorensen (Air Force)
7. Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD)
8. Luc Ginestet (UCSD)
9. Mister Jackson (Air Force)
10. Stan Schor (Cal Tech)
11. Brooks Eggerth (UCSD)
12. Alex Mann (UCSD)

13. John Christian (Cal Tech)

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