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January 2012

I recently returned from the NCAA convention and want to provide you an update on proposed legislation that we have been discussing over the past several months.  While some of the most controversial pieces of legislation continue to be discussed and are subject to override votes, it is my opinion that eventually all of the student-athlete well-being pieces of legislation eventually will be adopted.  Here is your update:

Student-Athlete Well-Being

Multi-Year Awards.  The Board voted to reaffirm its original action to adopt the multi-year award proposal.  The proposal will proceed to an online (one vote per active member institution and multi-sport conference) override vote. It is anticipated that the vote will take place in February.  Philosophically, I personally oppose this but as an institution the University of Idaho will not oppose it.

$2,000 Stipend.  The Board removed the portion of the proposal that provided all non-athletics financial aid no longer would count toward team limits.  The board also charged the Student-Athlete Well-Being Working Group with developing an updated $2,000 miscellaneous expense allowance proposal that considers:

 ·   Increasing the total dollar value of full and equivalency grants-in-aid in effect by $2,000 (not to exceed the institution’s cost of attendance).

·    Maintaining the value of a full grant-in-aid at its current level, and establish an “exempt” category of miscellaneous expense funds that are designated on team squad lists for use at the institution’s discretion to award up to $2,000 (not to exceed cost of attendance) for full grant recipients, as well as to provide up to the proportionate amount of applicable funds to any or all equivalency grant recipients only.

The University of Idaho will oppose these proposals when they come up for vote in April.

Resource Allocation

Number of Contests.  The Board adopted an immediate moratorium to cap the number of contests/dates of competition at the levels that currently exist in all sports and commission a study to determine the maximum number of contests/dates of competition of the playing season (championship and non-championship segments) that is essential to the success of each NCAA sport.

Scholarship Reduction.  The Board voted to defeat legislation to reduce scholarships in FBS football and women’s basketball.

Foreign Tours.   The board voted to defeat the proposed legislation that would eliminate institutional foreign tours.

Go Vandals!