How to REGISTER for Classes

The Web Registration system may be accessed directly by going to The University of Idaho Web Registration function works most reliably with Netscape 4.5 or higher or Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.  Other available browsers may not function properly with this registration system.

The Banner Web Interface menu lists functions available to UI students, faculty and staff.

To obtain current course information for a particular semester, click on
Class Schedule (this is to the left of the LOGIN box). Once you click on the Class Schedule, you will be asked to select the semester and the type of courses you wish to review. You will select All Courses. This will prompt the left side of the page to offer different subject choices. Scroll down until you find LAW.  Click on LAW. The right side of the page will change to show the courses offered at the College of Law for that particular semester. The web class schedule is updated nightly by the University of Idaho Registrar's Office when updates are made available to them.

The information available on the web class schedule includes CRN, course number, course names, instructor, time and day of course, and the number of credits for the course.

To access the registration system, click on LOGON (

1.    Enter your USER ID (if entering your student ID, be sure to enter the dash; if entering your SSN, do NOT include the dashes).

2.    Tab to the PIN box and enter your six-character PIN. (
Click here for PIN help)

3.    After entering your USER ID and PIN, click the LOGIN button.

4.    From the Main Menu, select the Student Information/Registration Menu to continue into the registration system.

5.    From the Student Menu, select Registration Menu. This menu lists available registration functions. Select the appropriate function and continue.

To use the registration system functions, you must select/submit a term (Summer 2006, Fall 2006, etc.). After selecting a term, the Registration menu will allow you to choose functions to register, add/drop courses, adjust credit hours (for variable credit courses only), and/or search for available courses. This menu will also allow you to select an option to review your class schedule in either of two formats: by time and day or with course details.

To Register, click on Add/Drop classes. If you are already registered and wish to make changes to your schedule, use this same option. Enter the CRN (Course Reference Number); do not use subject, course, or section numbers.

To Add a class, enter the CRN in the Add Class table. You must click on the SUBMIT CHANGES box to complete the add process!!!

To Drop a class, click on the arrow on the drop-down list in the Action Column.  If the drop action is available, it will appear as an option in the drop-down list box.  If drop action is not available, check the drop dates on the
Academic Calendar. You must click on the SUBMIT CHANGES box to complete the drop process.

Variable Credit Classes require that you select the Change Variable Credit Hours menu option (below Registration Add/Drop on Main Student Menu) to enter the correct number of credits. The registration system will automatically register you for the minimum number of credits for the course. It is your responsibility to go back and adjust the number of credits once you are registered.

Verify your status in each class by reviewing the information in the Status box to the right of each course title after submitting changes.

Changing course to audit status cannot be done via the web registration system. Students must submit an add/drop form signed by the course instructor (and the Associate Dean, if necessary). The same deadlines apply to auditing as withdrawing; check the drop dates on the
Academic Calendar.

Searching for class information offers several options. To initiate a search, you must select at least one subject, then enter any additional search criteria.  When you have entered your search criteria, click on the Get Classes button.  Only open/available courses will be displayed!!!!!