Golden Eagle Club
Bojan Jankovic
Position: Assistant Coach
Phone: (918) 495-6967
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Jankovic Photos

Bojan Jankovic, the former head women’s basketball coach at Centenary, is in his fourth season on the ORU women’s basketball staff. Jankovic joined the ORU staff on August 31, 2010, and he helped guide the Golden Eagles to the Southland Conference Championship in 2013.

At ORU, Jankovic is responsible for international recruiting and scheduling, and he does individual work with the Golden Eagle post players. He also performs a key role in ORU’s game day preparation.

Jankovic plays a vital role in the development of ORU’s post players. The former professional center led a group of Golden Eagle post players that led the Southland Conference in blocked shots in 2012-13, and his guidance helped transform then-junior Sarah Shelton into an All-Conference level low block presence last season.

Since coming to ORU, Jankovic has helped guide the Golden Eagle program to a trio of successful seasons. ORU has won 61 games in Jankovic’s three seasons on the bench, and they have made three postseason appearances, including a 2013’s trip to the NCAA Tournament and a pair of WNIT bids.

Jankovic also has experience coaching at the highest levels of women’s basketball. During the summer of 2013, Jankovic served as an assistant coach for the national team of his native Serbia, helping the squad finish 4th at the European Championship. 

During the summer of 2014, Jankovic and the Serbia national team reached its best ever finish at the FIBA World Championships in Turkey finishing 8th. His team fell to the host team, Turkey by one point in the Quarterfinals and moved Serbia to its highest rankings ever breaking into the top 20.

Jankovic spent four seasons at Centenary, serving as assistant coach for three years before taking over the head coaching duties for the 2009-10 season. Prior to his time in Shreveport, Jankovic assisted at the University of the Ozarks, where he helped the men’s basketball team achieve the most conference wins in team history.

Jankovic held his first coaching position in the United States as a student assistant with the men’s basketball team at Texas A&M-Commerce. He helped coach the Lions to a 26-4 record and a NCAA Division II South Central Regional finals appearance in 2005.  

In Europe, Jankovic had the opportunity to work several summers with Igor Kokoskov, now an assistant coach for the Phoenix Suns, who is the only European assistant coach in the NBA. As coaches, Jankovic and Kokoskov were responsible for new player development.

Jankovic also spent five years with Radnicki, a Division I Professional team in Serbia, where he served as the head coach for the U18 team. In 2004, Jankovic led Radnicki’s U18 team to a win in one of the largest tournaments on the European circuit in Goteborg, Sweden.

Jankovic started his playing career with Radnicki, and he also played at Belgrade Basketball Club before coming to the United States. Collegiately, he played at Mount Senario College in Ladysmith, Wis., leading the team to the National Small College National Championship in 1996.

After his college career, Jankovic spent one season playing professionally in Russia. An injury led him into a coaching career.

Jankovic and his wife Bojana reside in Tulsa with their daughter Anja (13) and son Vuk (4).