University of North Dakota Department of Athletics Directory

Mailing address:
UND Athletics
Hyslop Sports Center Room 120
2751 2nd Ave. N. Stop 9013
Grand Forks, ND 58202

General athletic department: 701.777.2234
General fax line: 701.777.2285
Administrative fax line: 701.777.2285
Media Relations fax line: 701.777.4352

Unless noted, all phone numbers begin with 77 followed by the 7.XXX number. All in the 701 area code.

Athletics Administration

Brian Faison Athletics Director 7.2234
Daniella Irle Deputy Director of Athletics/SWA 7.4036
Steve Brekke Associate AD, Development 7.6426
Kyle Doperalski Associate AD, External Operations 7.2210
Kara Helmig Associate AD, Compliance 7.5585
Randy Magill Associate AD, Chief Financial Officer 7.3481
Amanda Hajdu Assistant AD, Academic Services 7.2110
Jayson Hajdu Assistant AD, Media Relations 7.2985
Mike Mannausau Assistant AD/Champions Club Exec. Dir. 7.4216
David Primus Assistant AD/Marketing & Licensing 7.2237
Amy Stroup Director of Special Projects 7.2794
Roberta Klamm Office Manager 7.2713
 FAX: 7-2285      

Academic Services

Amanda Hajdu Director, Academic Services 7.2110
Stacy Bjorlie Coordinator, Academic Services 7.2112
Calin Burger Assistant, Academic Services 7.5356


Jeff Dodson Head Coach 7.4038
J.C. Field Associate Head Coach 7.2352
Brian DeVillers Assistant Coach 7.2937

Basketball - Men's

Brian Jones Head Coach 7.3478
Shawn Dirden Assistant Coach 7.0483
Steve Grabowski Assistant Coach 7.2976
Jason Shay Assistant Coach 7.3492
Jeff Horner Director of Operations 7.3553
Thelma Abbott Administrative Assistant 7.3478
FAX: 7-0697      

Basketball - Women's

Travis Brewster Head Coach 7.6214
Adam Jacobson Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator 7.2980

Mallory Bernhard Assistant Coach 7.6740
Jackie Voigt Assistant Coach 7.6069
Jeri Jacobson Director of Operations 7.3253
FAX: 7-6069      

Business Operations

Randy Magill Associate AD, Chief Financial Officer 7.3481
Debbie Beiswenger Assistant, Athletics Business Operations 7.3366
Erik Martinson Assistant, Athletics Business Operations 7.0835

Champions Club

Mike Mannausau Assistant AD/Champions Club Executive Dir. 7.4216
Val Sussex Associate Director, Champions Club 7.4078

Cheer Team

Breanna Linert Cheer/Dance Team Coach  651.249.9299


Kara Helmig Associate AD, Compliance 7.5585
Laura Sonnek Coordinator, Compliance 7.3169
Matt Varnadoe Assistant, Compliance 7.5161


Travis Kahlbaugh Director of Equipment Operations  7.2987
Andrew Klamm Equipment Operations Coordinator  7.2987


Bubba Schweigert Head Coach 7.4191
Eric Schmidt Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator 7.2996
Paul Rudolph Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator 7.4192
Shawn Kostich Assistant Coach/Special Teams Coordinator/TEs 7.2997
Jordan Gigli Assistant Coach/Defensive Line 7.2995
Marty Rodgers Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs 7.2229
Danny Freund Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers 7.4193
Kevin Maurice Assistant Coach/Running Backs 7.4863
Luke Knauf Assistant Coach/Offensive Line 7.4193
Joel Schwenzfeier Assistant Coach/Outside Linebackers  7.2229
Travis Kahlbaugh Director of Equipment Operations 7.2340  
Cindy Klug Administrative Assistant 7.4191
FAX: 7-2190      


Natalie Martinson Head Women's Golf Coach 7.3036
Tim Swanson Head Men's Golf Coach 7.2155

Hockey - Men's

Dave Hakstol Head Coach 7.3118
Brad Berry Assistant Coach 7.2654
Dane Jackson Assistant Coach 7.3117
Patrick Swanson Director of Hockey Operations 7.5209
Eric Kupka Equipment Manager 7.3110
Whitney Duden Administrative Assistant 7.3103
Training Room   7.6762  
FAX: 7-2574      

Hockey - Women's

Brian Idalski Head Coach 7.6490
Peter Elander Associate Head Coach 7.6492 
Erik Fabian Assistant Coach 7.6491
Kevin Vaughan Operations Manager 7.6092
Meg Morley Office Assistant    

Marketing, Promotions and Sales

David Primus Assistant AD, Marketing & Licensing 7.2237
Paul Adelman Director, Ticket Sales 7.4582
Heather Reardon Ticket Operations 7.4694
Tony Goldenstein Director, Corporate Partnerships 7.5373 
Paul Ralston Director, Broadcast Properties 7.3210
Jason Namanny Associate Director, Marketing 7.1373
Alex Kroke Assistant Director, Marketing 7.3666
Cami Bennett Coord., Graphic Design/Marketing Ops. 7.1373

Student Ticket Office at Memorial Union & NoDak Nation Office


Media Relations

Jayson Hajdu Assistant AD, Media Rel. (MHKY, XC, T/F) 7.2985
Ryan Powell Associate Director (FB, MBB, M/WGOF) 7.2986
Ross LaDue Assistant Director (SOC, WHKY, SB, TN) 7.6743
Mitch Wigness Assistant Director (WBB, VB, BB, S/D) 7.4210
Matt Schill Director, New Media 7.2668
David Folske Coordinator, Video Production 7.6827
FAX: 7-2285      


Matt Kellogg Head Coach 7.3972
Stephanie Webb Assistant Coach 7.3684
Amanda Dahl Assistant Coach 7.3684


Jordan Stevens Head Coach 7.4952
Shelly Prochaska Assistant Coach 7.2353
Ally Kutz Assistant Coach 7.2353

Division of Sports Medicine / Athletic Training

Steve Westereng, MS, ATC, CSCS Director of Sports Medicine, football head ATC 7.3886
Cathy Ziegler, PT, ATC Coordinator for Center for Sports Medicine, Physical Therapist 7.4846
Robin Tracy, PT, ATC, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist 7.4845
Sara Bjerke, MS, ATC Instructor/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Hyslop TR, track & field, swimming & diving, tennis, golf 7.3883
Matthew Carlson, MS, ATC Instructor/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Women’s Basketball 7.0723
Alicia Champagne, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer, soccer 7.0723
Mark Poolman, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer, men's hockey 7.3107
Audrey Rambough, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer, football 7.3177
Eric Sand, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer, men's basketball 7.0723
Makoto Tsuchiya, MS, ATC Instructor/Assistant Athletic Trainer 7.0579
McKynsay Vanderpan, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer, women's hockey 7.6147
Benjamin Johnson, ATC
Graduate Assistant, volleyball 7.0723
Jimmy Morin, ATC Graduate Assistant, football, baseball 7.2977
Melissa Stoller, ATC Graduate Assistant, softball 7.2977
Katrina Landman Sports Medicine Administrative Assistant 7.6572

Strength and Conditioning

Nate Baukol Director (FB, WBB) 7.4035
Lucas Bloms Assistant Coach (Track/XC, Golf) 7.3933
Adam Lofgren Assistant Coach (Asst. FB, Tennis)  7.2063
Ben SaariBovre Assistant Coach (BB, SB) 7.3933
Aaron Schwenzfeier Assistant Coach (MBB, VB, SOC) 7.2063
Kelsey Zachman Assistant Coach (S/D) 7.3933

Swimming and Diving

Chris Maiello Head Swimming and Diving Coach 7.2766
Brian Strom Director of Aquatics/Diving Coach 7.4451
Anthony Harris Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 7.2454
TBA Assistant Coach 7.3254  


Tom Wynne Head Coach 701.740.7007
Kyle Anderson Assistant Coach

Track and Field / Cross Country

Kevin Galbraith Head Coach 7.2361
Dick Clay Cross Country Coach, Assoc. Head Track Coach 7.2979
Drew Jones Assistant Coach 7.0446
Joe Silvers Assistant Coach 7.2973


Mark Pryor Head Coach 7.2351
Erin Joki Assistant Coach 7.4577
Mia Tabberson Assistant Coach 7.4577

Other Contacts

Sue Jeno Faculty Athletics Representative 7.3662
Donna Smith Title IX Coord./Affirmative Action Officer 7.4171
Hyslop Conference Room   7.2264  
NoDak Nation   7.3666  
PEXS (HPER)   7.4324  
Pool   7.3254  
Pool Hours (Recording)   7.2739  
Pride of the North Marching Band   7.4396  
Ray Richards Golf Course   7.4340  
Security   7.3491  
Student Ticket Office at Memorial Union   7.3666  
UND/REA Box Office (Student Tickets)   7.4849  
UND/REA Box Office (Public Tickets)   7.4689  
Training Room (Hyslop)   7.2977  
Training Room (Memorial Stadium)   7.4487  
Weightroom (Memorial Stadium)   7.6417  
Wellness Center   7.9355  
Zamboni   7.3106