School Songs

Listen to recordings of the Gold Star Band and sing along with stadium rousers "We Are The Pride" and "On Bison" as well as the "Yellow and Green."

We Are The Pride
We are the pride of North Dakota
State collegiates are we
Sons of the green and yellow prairies
Our colors will ever be
Cheer for our dear ol' alma mater
Proud and loyal are we
And we'll fight -- RAH! RAH!
Yes we'll fight -- RAH! RAH!
For North Dakota State U team.
Cheer for the Bison -- HIT 'EM AGAIN!  HIT 'EM AGAIN!
Cheer for the Bison -- HIT 'EM AGAIN!  HIT 'EM AGAIN!
Band refrain -- (Yell) FIGHT!
Band refrain -- (Yell) FIGHT!
Band refrain -- (Yell) FIGHT!
Repeat chorus.

On Bison
On Bison carry the fight
State is backing you
Green and yellow colors bright
To them, we will be true
Fight them right back to their goal
A victory for our name
On you Bison
Stampede and win this game.

Yellow and Green
Ho! A cheer for green and yellow.
Up with yellow and the green,
They're the shades that deck our prairies
Far and wide with glorious sheen,
Fields of waving green in springtime
Golden yellow in the fall,
How the great high-arching heaven looks and laughs upon it all.

Here in autumn throng the nations
Just to gather in the spoil,
Throng on freight cars from the cities
Some to feast and some to toil,
But the yellow grain flows eastward
And the yellow gold flows back,
Barren cities boast their plenty and the prairies know no lack.

Hushed up on the boundless prairies
Is the Bison's thund'ring tread,
And the redman passes with him
On his spoilers bounty fed,
But the Norse, the Celt, and Saxon
With their herds increase and find,
Mid these fields of green and yellow plenty e'en for all mankind.

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