Panther Priority Points System Sample Calculation

The Panther Priority Points system is intended to promote fairness, generate financial support for Panther Athletics, and reward the loyalty of longtime supporters. Panther Priority Points are awarded to establish "rank" order among those who support GSU Athletics through philanthropic gifts, purchase of season tickets, and other categories of affiliation with GSU. 

Panther Priority Points are awarded as follows:

Annual Points

1. Current-year giving to the PAC (unrestricted) - 1 point per $100
    (Gifts received by Priority Points deadline - April 30, 2009)
2. Gifts to current Athletics Capital Projects - 1 point per $100
3. Current-year Sport-Specific giving to the PAC (restricted) -
    1 point per $300
4. Cumulative Giving to Athletics* - 1 point per $1,000
5. Consecutive Years of PAC Membership - 2 points per year
6. Consecutive Years of Season Ticket Purchase:

  • Football - 2 points per year
  • Men's Basketball - 2 points per year
  • Women's Basketball - 2 points per year
  • Baseball - 2 points per year 

Bonus Points (one-time award per account)

  • Current Georgia State University Alumni Association Membership - 5 points
  • Charter Football Season Ticketholder (purchased by April 30, 2010) - 5 points
  • Varsity Letter Winner at Georgia State University - 10 points
  • Cumulative University Lifetime Giving of $100,000 or more - 50 points

* Includes all athletic annual, capital and endowment gifts

John is a former GSU Tennis Letterwinner and current GSU Alumni Association Member and has purchased season tickets in men's basketball, women's basketball, and baseball for each of the last five years.  He is also purchasing football season tickets for the 2010 season.  His total lifetime contributions to GSU Athletics are $3,450 including a $1,000 unrestricted contribution made to the Panther Athletic Club in the 2012 athletic giving year (11/1/11 - 4/30/12) to the Panther Athletic Club.  His Panther Priority Points used to determine his priority for 2013 football seating selection would be as follows:



GSU Letterwinner


Current GSU Alumni Association Member


Football season ticketholder - 2010


Charter Football season ticketholder 


Men's Basketball season ticketholder last five years


Women's Basketball season ticketholder last five years


Baseball season ticketholder last five years


Cumulative giving to GSU Athletics 


2012 Panther Athletic Club athletic year contribution: $1,000




John's Panther Priority Point total, in comparison with all other football season ticketholders, will determine when he can select his season tickets for the upcoming football season.


  • Football season tickets
  • Future Priority Seating for other GSU ticketed events
  • Away game ticket availability and allocation of seats
  • Post-season ticket opportunities and special events

Cumulative Panther Priority Points determine when season ticketholder/donor can select seat location.

The Current Panther Athletic Club donor amount determines where seating options will be available in the Georgia Dome

Donors and season ticketholders who have the highest number of Panther Priority Points will have the opportunity to select and purchase season tickets first. Keep in mind that if the section/area in which season ticketholder/donor would like to sit is not available, they will need to select seats in another area of the Georgia Dome.