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Welcome to North Dakota State University and the development website!  We want you to know that all of us here at NDSU appreciate the tremendous support shown through the generosity of many to help make Bison Athletics successful.


Financial support is the single most important key to offering a quality experience to the student athletes, alumni and fans of the program.  In this ever challenging economic environment, YOU have and will continue to make the difference.  We are hopeful that you will find a giving option that will suit your circumstances and allow you to make a gift.


We need YOU as “The strength of the Herd is the Bison and the strength of the Bison is the Herd.”  Please explore our site and determine how you can help “Continue the Championship Tradition” that is the vision of Bison Athletics.


We would love to hear from you, whether it is by phone, letter or e-mail!


NDSU Development Contact Information

Jack Maughan
Senior Associate AD for Development
Office Phone: (701) 231-8984
Cell Phone: (701) 367-6316

Amy Ruley
Associate AD for Development
Office Phone: (701) 231-8875
Cell Phone: (701) 730-6234

Nancy Erickson
Athletic Program Assistant
Office Phone: (701) 231-7447

Mail To:
Development & External Relations
NDSU Dept 1200
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Gift Giving Opportunities to Bison Athletics


Endowments – This is an outstanding opportunity to provide a gift to North Dakota State University athletics in your name or in the name of a loved one that will last forever. An endowment program is the time-honored method of allocating gifts to a permanent fund. This fund is invested to earn income each year and, as the fund grows, so does the income it generates. Each year distributions from the fund are used to support student athletes. The principle remains invested in order to perpetuate the fund.


Endowments can be established to provide annual scholarships for student athletes, funding for new facilities or renovations to existing ones. A gift to an endowment fund can be outright or deferred by giving through your estate plan. There are many ways to make a significant charitable contribution to North Dakota State University athletics while protecting your personal and family situation through thoughtful planning. We will be happy to help you determine which type of gift is most appropriate for you.


The Harvest Bowl Endowment showcases the commitment to agriculture that is part of the history of the University and the Region. Each year during the fall harvest season, recognition to the importance of agriculture is made with the awarding of the Harvest Bowl Endowment. This financial award is made and announced at the Harvest Bowl Banquet to select student athletes who meet the established criteria. The criteria for the selection of the recipients includes having been born on a ranch or farm, or pursuing a degree in one of the many fields of agriculture through the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources.

 A gift to the general Harvest Bowl Endowment will help the endowment continue to grow.


New Harvest Bowl endowments may be established with a gift of $30,000 to honor a named individual. This is a lasting way to show appreciation for someone who has had a special place in the hearts of those who establish the endowment and to leave a legacy of that individual’s life and contributions.


There are many ways to make a significant charitable contribution to North Dakota State University athletics while protecting your personal and family situation through thoughtful planning. We will be happy to help you determine which type of gift is most appropriate for you.


Scholarship dollars are also a viable gift option in support of student athletes. Annual scholarship gifts help meet the cost of room, board, fees and tuition provided to student athletes in various sports. Having an opportunity to receive an outstanding education and at the same time compete for the University at the highest level of competition is a dream come true for a Bison student athlete. Maintaining competitive academic and athletic excellence is dependent on our continuing to attract quality student athletes through scholarship opportunities. Your gift will make a difference.


The Cornerstone of Division I – This is a scholarship gift option through which the contributor sponsors a student athlete for a full ride scholarship of $10,000.00. The gift may be pledged and given over a 1-5 year period.


Bison Excellence Fund – This gift giving opportunity allows the contributor to make a onetime financial gift or a pledge to Bison athletics and designate the particular athletic team that they wish to have the gift directed.


Facilities - As an NCAA Division I institution, quality athletic facilities impact many aspects critical to success of the program. Student recruitment, attraction and retention of quality coaches, interest and attendance by fans are all areas impacted by athletic facilities. We are proud of the current facilities we enjoy on our campus and we are working daily to maintain, improve, expand and grow to meet our ever changing needs. With this in mind, a gift to a new facility or remodeling project of an existing facility may be of interest. In addition, naming opportunities are available throughout our athletic facilities. Contact us for options that are available and may be of interest.  This is also a long lasting way to leave your name or the name of a loved one in a visible and prominent place on campus.


Estate Planning – Wills – Trusts – Stocks – Life Insurance Policies – Bequests – Annuities – Gifts in Kind

In its broadest sense, estate planning includes the process of accumulating, managing and distributing your property or assets. After taking care of family, church and other interests, a gift to NDSU athletics can have a profound influence on an individual student athlete and the athletics program. We have outstanding professionals here at NDSU who will assist you in evaluating and determining the best estate planning vehicle to meet your philanthropic goals without pressure or commitment. An in person or telephone appointment can be scheduled at your convenience.

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