Release: Thursday 12/07/2011 (ET)
by Florida A&M Sports Information
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Courtesy:Florida A&M Sports Information

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The primary goal of the Athletic Tutoring Program is to provide student-athletes with academic assistance beyond that which they receive in the classroom. In order to accomplish this goal in addition to providing interactive, objective based tutoring, our tutors provide study skills assistance.


Requests for tutoring assistance can come from either a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s ACE advisor and begins the first day of class each semester. Tutoring appointments however are added throughout the semester based upon the needs of the student-athletes.


The majority of tutoring is provided during regular study hall hours, however, appointments can be set up during the day around the class and practice schedules of the student-athlete.


Student-athletes may receive study hall credit for attending departmental tutor sessions. In order to receive the credit, they must receive approval from their ACE advisor prior to session.