Buffalo, N.Y. — The women's squad came in fourth place and the men finished fifth at the NCAA Northeast Regionals in Buffalo this morning.

WOMEN'S TEAM (6k course)

Erin Gregoire was the first Columbia runner to cross the line when she came across at 22.00.6 in eighth place. Senior Sarah Hardie was not far behind her at 22:17 in the 12th spot. Erin Melly clocked in at 22:20 to finish 17th and Libby Kokes crossed the line at 22:39.3 in the 37th spot. Nell Crosby was Columbia's fifth finisher in the 46th spot at 22:46.6. The women's team is headed to the NCAA Championships with an at-large selection.

Top-5 Northeast Regional Results

1. Providence (84)

2. Dartmouth (115)

3. Syracuse (117)

4. Columbia (120)

5. Yale (131)

MEN'S TEAM (10k course)

Dan Schumacher was the first Lion to cross the 10k finish line at 32:45.2 in the 29th spot. Senior Ryan Thomas was the next Columbia finisher at 33:03.4 in 39th place. Dylan Tarpey placed 46th at 33:14.6 and Lucky Schreiner was two seconds behind him at 33:16.8 in the 49th spot. Brian Zabilski clocked in at 33:29.8 in 60th to round out the top-5 finishers for Columbia.

Top-5 Northeast Regional Results

1. Syracuse (28)

2. Iona (48)

3. Army West Point (218)

4. Stony Brook (222)

5. Columbia (223)