Students from every state and virtually all countries pack away memories of small town life to embrace the city where the lights stay on all night. Hanging out at home is replaced by relaxing on Central Park's Great lawn; mom's cooking is replaced by takeout.

With so many opportunities to enjoy the greatest city in the world, inertia-filled students could get lost in the routine of trying to take in the whole experience.

Columbia Rowing provides an anchor for the student-athletes' life in New York City, providing simple but essential principles like teamwork, effort, diligence and the hunger to excel every time they shove off the dock. Team members' learn to strike a balance between the rigors of coursework, the daily training sessions and the excitement of the city. 

Columbia rowing provides a team of very competitive and supportive student-athletes driven to succeed in all their endeavors.

When the team leaves the Upper West Side campus to the endless miles of water of the Harlem and Hudson rivers there is excitement for practice and the task at hand. With the home race course surrounded by buildings, factories and apartments, the river still acts as a private passageway for Columbia Rowing.

Rowers can feel the tradition and history of this place as their boat race by famous New York landmarks like Yankee Stadium and the George Washington Bridge. Each practice feels like a performance for the whole neighborhood and brings with it a sense of accomplishment, as rowers work toward the goal of defeating ancient rivals and becoming the best racers in the country, in the greatest city in the world.