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Below are the sections of the LSU policy procedure manual. Each section will open its own text in Portable Document Format (.pdf). To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To download and install the free reader, go to

Section Link Title Download Size
100 Athletic Department Mission Statement 12k
101 Philosophy and Objectives 57k
102 Commitments 36k
201 Governing Authorities 35k
202 Policy Formulation 37k
203 Athletic Council 34k
301 Departmental Organization 20k
401 A Budget: Formulation 27k
401 B Salaries and Wages 26k
401 C Budget: Accountability 16k
402 Receipt, Custody and Deposit of Funds 15k
403 A Accountability: State Property Law 17k
403 B Accountability: Inventory Control Procedures 16k
404 Purchasing Procedures 36k
405 A Disbursements: Goods and Services 25k
405 B Disbursements: Payroll 18k
405 C Disbursements: Travel and Entertainment Expenses 30k
406 Printing 24k
407 Telephones 26k
408 A Ticket Office: Operations 17k
408 B Ticket Office: Sales 19k
408 C Ticket Office: Distribution 35k
408 D Ticket Office: Complimentary Tickets 19k
409 Courtesy Cars 27k
410 Key Distribution 35k
501 SA: Conduct and Ethics 35k
502 A SA: Recruitment 44k
502 B SA: Admissions 38k
502 C SA: Eligibility 53k
502 D SA: Financial Aid 60k
503 Academic Policy 38k
504 A SA: Housing 24k
504 B SA: Food Service 18k
505 SA: Awards 33k
506 A SA: Medical Policy 62k
506 B ADAP 43k
507 SA: Employment 18k
508 SA: Non-scholarship 14k
509 Staff: Conduct and Ethics 33k
510 A Staff: Hiring 25k
510 B Staff: Performance Evaluations 17k
510 C Staff: Leave Guidelines 31k
510 D Staff: Staff Meetings 17k
510 E Staff: Holidays 13k
510 F Staff: Educational Benefits 19k
510 G Staff: Parking 16k
510 H Staff: Secretarial Support 12k
511 A NCAA: SEC Rules Review 18k
511 B NCAA: Certification of Compliance 13k
512 A Employment Contracts 24k
512 B Outside Employment and Promotional Activities 20k
513 Summer Camps 17k
514 Spirit Squads 46k
601 A Travel: Staff Members 40k
601 B Travel: Teams 44k
601 C Travel: Prospective Student-Athletes 26k
602 A Scheduling Events 30k
602 B Scheduling Practices 12k
603 A Equipment 33k
603 B Film, Video and Radio 23k
604 A Facilities: Use 27k
604 B Facilities: Maintenance 16k
604 C Facilities: Strength and Conditioning 28k
604 D Athletic Dining 16k
605 A Athletic Events: Concessions 18k
605 B Athletic Events: Parking 24k
605 C Athletic Events: Music and Entertainment 11k
605 D Athletic Events: Staging 17k
605 E Athletic Events: Post-Season Competition 19k
606 A Media Coverage: Staff Responsibilities 32k
606 B Media Coverage: Interviews/Press Releases 24k
606 C Media Coverage: Publicity Materials 20k
606 D Media Coverage: Events 32k
606 E Media Coverage: Television and Radio 15k
607 A Marketing and Promotions 18k
607 B Tiger Gift Center 26k
608 Manual Updates 26k
701 Expansions: Renovation of Facilities 13k
702 Expansions: Curtailment of Programs 25k
801 Tiger Athletic Foundation 21k
802 Fundraising  
803 Booster Clubs  


Contained below is the list of items in the appendix, as referred to in various sections of the manual above.

Section Link Title Download Size
A-401 A Budget Request Form 170k
A-402 TAF Deposit Transmittal Form 80k
A-403 Equipment Inventory Action Request Form 296k
A-404 Purchase Request Form 188k
A-405 Request for Travel Advance Form 801k
A-502A - 5 Official Visit Notification Letter 112k
A-502A - 6 Student Host Instructions Form 173k
A-502A - 7 National Letter of Intent Instructions and Guidelines 1.1M
A-502 B Admissions Process for Athletes 9.56M
A-502D - 1 Grant in Aid letter (full year) 88k
A-502D - 3 SEC Financial Aid Agreement 275k
A-502D - 7 Grant in Aid letter (summer) 64k
A-502D - 8 Post Eligibility Scholarship Policy 148k
A-505-1 SA: Varsity Letter Criteria and Ring Distribution Policy 44k
A-505-1:5 Cheerleading Varsity Letter Criteria 1.4M
A-505 - 2 Letter Award Recommendation Form 448k
A-508 SEC Certification of Recruited Status 111k
A-510 A - 1 Position Action Form (PAF1) 313k
A-510B - 2 Performance Evaluation Form for Classified Employees (PS-39) 512k
A-510 C Request for Leave Form 50k
A-511A - 1 NCAA Student-Athlete Statement 564k
A-511A - 2 SEC Student-Athlete Statement 104k
A-511B - 1 NCAA Certification of Compliance for Institutions 217k
A-511B - 2 NCAA Certification of Compliance for Staff Members of Athletics Department 209k
A-512 A Addendum to Contracts Form 72k
A-513 Facilities Use Licensing Agreement 3.2M
A-514 Annual Health Information Form 1.3M
A-602 A Athletic Schedule/Travel/Participation Form 854k
A-604 A Facilities Use Licensing Agreement (2) 1.4M
A-604 D Meal Plan Adjustment/Cancellation Form 153k
A-605 E Agent/Gambling Affidavit 153k
A-606 D Sports Information Questionnaire 153k




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