Western Michigan University Facts

Founded: 1903

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan U.S.A.

President: Dr. John M. Dunn

Athletics Director: Kathy Beauregard

Enrollment: 25,086

NCAA Division I-A

School Colors: Brown & Gold 1907-1998 (In 1998 black was added as an accent color to the brown and gold)

The current “Alma Mater” and “WMU Fight Song” are the result of a 1959 contest to replace existing songs. Open to the University community, the two-stage contest solicited first lyrics and then music. Alumnus James H. Bull won in the lyrics category for the “Alma Mater”. Alumnus Walter Gilbert developed the lyrics for the fight song and music for the Alma Mater and Fight Song.

Alma Mater:
Western we sing to you, Brown and Gold. Western we bring to you faith untold. You challenge and inspire; your hope is our desire; We sing to you our Alma Mater, Brown and Gold.

WMU Fight Song:
Fight on fight on for Western;
take the ball, make a score,
win the game.
Onward for the Brown and Gold;
Push ‘em back, push ‘em back
bring us fame.
Fight on fight on for Western;
over one, over all we will reign.
Fight, Broncos fight,
fight with all your might.
Western win this game!