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Courtesy: Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement (ACE) Program
2018 ACE Class Checks In From Abroad
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/08/2018
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2018 ACE Class Checks In From Abroad

DURHAM, N.C. -- Each week this summer, student-athletes from Duke and Stanford are sharing reflections from their experiences with the ACE program. Check out the latest program blogs from the Blue Devils abroad.


Passion and Inspiration
By Meible Chi, Duke Women’s Tennis - #ACEinChina

While each day is exhausting and jam-packed with activities, the first week of the program flew by. The experiences that I’ve made on the “Roof of the World” has stemmed from interacting with some incredible people.  I cannot wait to share more experiences with them. More

Invaluable Wisdom from Cherished Mentors
By Riley Hickman, Duke Men’s Swimming & Diving - #ACEinChina

This experience has been the most interactive and eye-opening of my life, and I still have two weeks to go! During just my first week in China, I have learned more than some semester-long courses. Both Katia and Dr. Bill have graciously shared their love of learning, which has sparked a new-found passion within me that I am beginning to realize is invaluable. I have cherished every moment with them and look forward to many more! More

Sport as Culture
By Lelia Boley, Duke Rowing - #ACEinChina

It’s pretty awesome that we now get to connect with an entirely different group of people, the kids at our camp, through the same thing that connects us to each other. This experience is already proving eye-opening, and I don’t expect the next two weeks to be any different. More

Unfamiliar Roadblocks
By Veronica Brtek, Duke Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field - #ACEinChina

I’ve found it fascinating to see such a broad and communal sense of respect and appreciation for animals that are so common. Animals don’t need to be in a zoo or at risk to be considered significant. Animals have significance, whether it be religiously or culturally, rather than just being a nuisance or thing that can be fun to look at. More

Shifting Perspectives
By Haley Schleicher, Duke Field Hockey - #ACEinChina

From my beach chair, the waves on shore were vivid and the horizon seemed like some unattainable place miles away. However, from my cushioned seat, the waves on shore were hard to make out and the sea looked peaceful.  The waves methodically rolled to shore. I am now looking down on parts of the sea that can only be imagined from my beach chair. Coming across perspective shifts like the example above are essential to seeing one thing from multiple lenses. More

By Riley Hickman, Duke Men’s Swimming & Diving and Brandon Kier, Stanford Wrestling - #ACEinChina

From the moment we met each other on the plane ride from San Francisco to Hong Kong we immediately connected and have since only grown closer. We have lived together now for a fortnight, sharing a room, exploring an entirely new landscape, and learning immensely about a unique culture. These have been some of the most enlightening and exciting experiences of our lives, and the moments shared with the children here have complemented, contextualized, and heightened them all. More

Language: Barrier or Bond?
By Meible Chi, Duke Women’s Tennis and Isabella Duan, Stanford Women’s Lightweight Rowing - #ACEinChina

It’s been enormously reassuring to know that we have each other’s backs. So much so, that we’ve almost started finishing the other person’s sentences! Additionally, it has been awesome relating with each other about little things that we notice here and there. More

New Teammates
By Veronica Brtek, Duke Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, Haley Schleicher, Duke Field Hockey and Mikaela Watson, Stanford Women’s Lacrosse - #ACEinChina

Almost everyone has gone on a run around the beautiful lake with the distance runner on the trip (Veronica) — even Riley, a swimmer, will join in for the adventure whether it be for one or six miles.  We’ve also been able to help each other out with PT exercises and teach new routines and workouts, such as the 45 minute ab workout with Lelia, one of the rowers. More

Same, Same, But Different
By Lelia Boley, Duke Rowing and Jacie Lemos, Stanford Women’s Lacrosse - #ACEinChina

Working together in a new place with a different language and unknown peers can be pretty intimidating, but by feeding off of each other’s enthusiasm and energy, Leels and I have been able to come out of our comfort zones and make real strides with the kids at camp. More