Student-Athlete Development

January 12, 2018
By ODU Athletics

Student-Athlete Development

Mission: To enhance and prepare student-athletes for success during their collegiate career as well as life after college athletics, through purposeful programming, strategic partnerships, and practical education.


  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Student Development
  • Community Outreach


Core Values:

  •       Diversity
  •       Accountability
  •       Growth
  •       Purpose
  •       Leadership
  •       Professionalism

Outcomes from programming:

  •       Knowledge/Critical Thinking
  •       Experience (Professional)
  •       Personal Growth/Self-Awareness
  •       Building Relationships
  •       Motivation 

Leadership Development


Monarch University- Monarch University will serve as ODU’s leadership academy and will develop, challenge, and support Old Dominion University student-athletes who have potential to become leaders academically, athletically, and in life. We want to provide a holistic, dynamic and transformational experience that will have our student-athletes walking away feeling like they can make an impact on their teams and in life.


The mission of Monarch University is to bring a diverse group of student-athletes together to educate and challenge them to become transformational leaders that will make an impact on their peers, coaches, and community.


We have five Core Values that will be taught and your student-athlete will not only be able to bring to the field but bring value to those around them that include


  •      Leadership
  •      Personal Growth/Well Being
  •      Critical thinking
  •      Diversity
  •      Service



SAAC - The mission of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committees is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image.


Functions of campus SAACs:


  •      Promote communication between athletics administration and student-athletes.
  •      Disseminate information.
  •      Provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues.
  •      Generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department formulation of policies.
  •      Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletics teams.





Student Development


Social Media/Image Management- Social Media/Image Management- The Social Media/Image Management workshop is designed to showcase the positive qualities of social media interaction. This program also displays examples and consequences of negative social media usage. Student-Athletes will learn how to use social media to enhance their personal brand and that of the University. Student-Athletes will also learn of the transferable skills they may possess and how those skills will aid them in their professional careers.


Program Objectives for Social Media/Image Management:

  •      Teach Student-Athletes the powers of social media and branding Aid Student-Athletes in properly forming a post/tweet given real life situations
  •      Create an awareness of the factors that affect the Student-Athlete’s personal brand


Financial Literacy- The Financial Literacy initiative serves as education for Student-Athletes to learn how to strategically save, spend, and manage money. Our Student-Athletes will learn the basics of saving to the advance stages of dealing with credit and retirement plans throughout their college careers at Old Dominion University.

Program Objectives for Financial Literacy Program:

  •      Educate Student-Athletes on the importance of managing money early
  •      Provide continued education on strategic saving and goal setting for finances
  •      Introduce information on credit scores and reports

Global Monarchs- Global Monarchs was held in collaboration with Old Dominion University's VISA and Immigration Service Advising office. The Student-Athletes took part in a split style workshop. In partnership with the VISA office, students were able to distress and paint a themed Monarch paw print with their native country's flag pattern and colors. In between the paint sessions, students worked with the VISA office on F-1 regulations, passports, and I-20 paperwork to receive travel signatures.  

Program Objectives for International Program:

  • Create a strong peer support network for international student-athletes
  • Provide leadership development from an international lens
  • Encourage Student-Athletes to get involved on campus and in the community
  • Educate peers on the different cultures in the room
  • Promote the International demographic of Student-Athletes to staff, coaches, and other students on campus







Professional Development


Career Combine- This competition style career fair will give over 200 student-athletes the opportunity for professional development and to network with top local companies. The student-athletes will be evaluated on resumes, business attire, and elevator speeches throughout the event.

Program Objectives for Career Fair:

  •      Provide student-athletes with a variety of employers to engage with
  •      Increase opportunities for student-athletes to attain internships/jobs
  •      Promote student-athletes in a professional fashion
  •      Develop lasting relationships with employers for future student-athlete programming




Resume Workshop- Student-Athletes were educated on the process of constructing resumes using their current sport, transferable skills, and achievements. The Student-Athletes also participated in several activities that challenged their ability to identify mistakes in other resume samples. Programming of this sort is important because it gives the Student-Athletes an early start on what employers look for when evaluating potential job-seekers.


Program Objectives for Resume Rush:

  •      Provide resources and guidelines for resume structure and verbiage
  •      Inform Student-Athletes on skills and certifications that employers need in today’s global economy.
  •      Teach Student-Athletes how to construct a concise resume that highlights transferable skills and achievements.





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