History & Tradition

History & Tradition

This is Oklahoma Football

Great college football and the Oklahoma Sooners. For as long as anyone can remember the two have been one and the same. Unlike some schools where tradition represents ancient history, or others where it harkens back only a few years, Oklahoma's tradition is a constant accomplishment unfettered by eras or time.

The Sooners were playing football before Oklahoma became a state and have achieved a legacy so successful, that more than contributing to the history of this great game, it defines it.

Sooners Play for Championships

Nothing defines the competitive success of a college athletics program like a national championship. OU, with seven national titles sprinkled over four decades, is one of the very few programs that sets out each fall with the expectation and legitimate goal of pursuing the national crown. That pursuit rates as a lot more than just talk around here.

The aura is unmistakable, and it radiates from real and repeated success on college football's biggest stage. Oklahoma has claimed more national championships than any other Big 12 program.

The Sooners under Bob Stoops earned the program's most recent title in 2000 with an Orange Bowl victory over Florida State to cap an undefeated season. OU's other championships came under Barry Switzer in 1985, 1975 and 1974, and Bud Wilkinson in 1956, 1955 and 1950.