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2016-17 Basketball Season Ticket Renewal

Staff Directory

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Washington Intercollegiate Athletics

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics | University of Washington
Box 354070, Graves Building, Seattle, WA 98195

Main Phone: (206) 543-2210 | Tickets: (206) 543-2200

Executive Staff    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jennifer Cohen Athletic Director   huskyad
Lance Lopes Senior Associate Athletic Director 543-9876 lopesl
Shondell Reed Senior Associate Athletic Director 543-4621 sdreed3
Stephanie Rempe Senior Associate Athletic Director 685-2634 srempe
Athletic Administration 206-616-4334 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Nina Ellen Keaney Executive Assistant to the Director 543-2212 keaneyne
Jimmy Bowen Business Analyst   jrb5151
Frank Hodge Faculty Athletic Representative 616-8598 fhodge
Pabail Sidhu Director of Basketball and Business Strategy 849-7106 pabail
Janet Sukraw Receptionist and Asst. to Assoc. AD OPS & Capital Projects 543-2210 jsukraw
Academic Services 206-543-0611 | 206-616-5813 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Kim Durand Associate Athletic Director for Student Development 221-3551 durand
Ink Aleaga Assoc. Director, Campus & Community Engagement - FB, GYM, MTENNIS, VB 221-4265 aleaga
Matt Bannerman Program Support Supervisor 543-0611 mbann91
Liberty Bracken Asst. Director, International Programs - MCREW, FB, SOFTBALL 543-3701 lpatos
Lisa Bruce Asst. Director, Learning Resources - MBB, FB, WGOLF, VB, BEACHVB 616-4133 lrbruce
Anthony Gabriel Assoc. Director, Administration - MBB, WSOC, WT&F 543-5265 apg52
Robyn Hefner Academic Advisor - BASEBALL, WTENNIS, MT&F 616-3709 hefnerr
Rod Jones Academic Coordinator - FB, MBB 685-6621 rodjones
Kiaira Ladd Director of Football Academics - FB, M/WGOLF, MSOC 543-9087 kladd
Rob Post Assoc. Director, Academic Advising - WBB, WCREW 543-0610 rpost
Pam Robenolt Director, Learning Resources - FOOTBALL, MGOLF, GYM, WSOC 616-2351 proben
Edward Jones II Student-Athlete Development Coordinator 616-6284 ejonesii
Rachael Dunn Learning Specialist - WBB, FB, SOFTBALL, M/W XC/T&F 616-2407 rjdunn
Kirsten Schumy Learning Specialist - BASEBALL, M/WCREW, MBB, MSOC, M/WTENNIS 616-3784 kschumy
Athletic Communications 206-543-2230 | 206-543-5000 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Carter Henderson Associate Athletic Director for Public Relations & Communications
685-8879 chender2
Jeff Bechthold Director of Communications (FB, ROWING) 685-7910 bechtold
Brian Tom Associate Dir. of Comm. (BASEBALL, FB) 897-1742 briantom
Mike Bruscas Assistant Dir. of Comm. (BVB, XC, T&F, VB) 543-2331 mbruscas
Ricky Brackett Assistant Dir. of Comm. (WBB, MGOLF, MSOC) 790-6368 rbrack
Ashley Walker Assistant Dir. of Comm. (MBB,WGOLF, GYM) 240-3899 awalker1
Traci Bode Communications Assistant (SOFTBALL) 543-2230
Mike Swartz Communications Assistant (M/WTENNIS, WSOC) (401) 533-2617 mgswartz
Mason Kelley Director of Content Creation 685-8764 makelley
Chris Hein Manager of Digital Media 543-2230 cmhein 
Shelby Newton Social Media Coordinator 543-2230 snewton2
Business and Finance 206-616-6198 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Tanya Bacon

Human Resource Administrator

543-1744 tbacon
Julia Ramos Athletic Business Manager 543-2863 jramos
John Brotherton Budget/Fiscal Analyst 543-3255 jbrother
Ronda Grazen Procurement Specialist 685-1306 rlgrazen
Bill Egan Fiscal Specialist 543-2639 began
Kelsey Whitcomb

Human Resource Administrator

616-2437 kelsew2
Kirsten Rarich

Office Assistant



Compliance 206-543-0981 | 206-685-1677 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jackie Mynarski Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 543-6468 jmynarsk
Marilou Michelena Director of Compliance 685-8048 mariloum
Kiley Strong Director of Compliance 221-4097 kstrong1
Megan Coyne Assistant Director of Compliance 543-2290 mcoyne2
Chase Meyer Compliance Coordinator 543-0981 cmeyer27
Tony Hong Compliance Coordinator TBD tonyh9 
Computer Systems    
Name Title Phone (206)
Erik Jones Chief Technology Officer - Associate Athletic Director 543-8940 ejones5
Elise Groves IT Director 543-7412 eliseg5

Sean Trader

ICA Systems Analyst   strader9 
Equipment 206-616-6197 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Bart Fullmer Director of Equipment Operations 221-6239 bfullmer
Karen Gunderman Equipment Manager 543-9719 kgun
Daniel Matusalem Laundry Equipment Operator 616-8836  
Gary McGuire Equipment Manager 685-6647 mcguireg
Jose Naguit Equipment Manager 685-0102 jnaguit
Ashley Kroll Equipment Manager 616-0167 krollab
Anthony Schimizzi Equipment Manager 616-8949 schimizz
Phillip Velasco Laundry Equipment Operator 616-8836 pvelasco
Event Management and Facilities    
Name Title Phone (206)
Facilities Main Line 543-7373  
Event Management Main Line 543-2246  
Chip Lydum Associate AD Operations & Capital Projects 616-2026 clydum
Janet Sukraw Asst. to Assoc. AD OPS & Capital Projects
543-2210 jsukraw
Dan Erickson Director of Events & Guest Services 685-2570 dgerick
John Terry Assistant Director of Events 685-8442 jterry2
Lisa Nielsen Assistant Director of Events 685-2305 nielsenl
Megan Welsch Assistant Director of Events 685-1093 mwelsch
Sheila Donavon Asst. to Asst. AD Events & OPS Program Supervisor 543-7373 sdonavon
  Grounds Manager 543-8470  
Peter Young Audio Lead 616-8838 pyou

Morgan Littlefield-Adamack

Director of Athletic Facilities Rentals

543-2210 mkl09
Tyler Haggett Utility Worker Lead 616-9077 thaggett

Kramer Stephenson

Utility Worker Lead

685-1596 kramer12
George Blas Utility Worker Supervisor 616-1596 blasg
Julio Calvio-Borja Maintencance Mechanic 616-1596 borjaac
Wayne Mortenson Utility Work Supervisor 685-2130 waymor
Peter Baker Painter Lead 543-7373 bakerp2
David Stubbs Painter Lead 543-7373 stubbs88
Eric Kittilson Stadium Manager 310-0319 erikk2
Juan Argumedo-Hernandez Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 seattle7
Jose Basurto-Barajas Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 basurto
Roberto Cabrera Maintenance Custodian 616-1596  
Domotilo Calderon Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 domtic
Carolyn Chaney Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 cchaney
Celia Carcia-Linares Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 celiag2
Zenon Izazaga Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 izazaz
Robert Preisinger Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 preising
Don Larson Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 dml22
Ricardo Estrada-Mateos Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 remateos
Robert Adams Gardener Lead 616-1596 ra37
Ryan Johnson Gardener Lead 616-9331  
Luther Martin Gardener Lead 616-9331 ism3
Richard Ortiz Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 ortizr3
Advancement 206-543-2234 | 206-685-8933 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jennifer Cohen Interim Athletic Director   huskyad
Laura Cañate Asst. Director for Stewardship 543-8587 lcanate
Cathy Ellis Program Support Supervisor 685-1284 canuck
Alicia Fox Development Services Officer 221-3664 foxam
Bobby Weigand Program Coordinator 685-4416 rweigand
Lee Grever Major Gift Officer 685-9619 lgrever
Shannon Kelly Assoc. AD for Advancement 616-9470 shannonk
Regina Paolucci Major Gift Officer 616-3624 paolucci
Mike Plonski Director of Membership 685-1946 mplonski
Krista Rammelsberg Asst. Director of Development 221-3588 kramm
Elizabeth Hauenstein Fund Development 543-2234 elievans
Mike Keller Major Gift Officer 616-3385 makeller
Husky Band and Cheer 206-543-7383 | 206-616-2194 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Dr. Brad McDavid Director of Athletic Bands 897-1408 bmcdavid
Josh Chan Program Coordinator - Athletic Bands & Spirit Squads 543-7557 jtchan
Kenny Dow Head Cheer and Dance Coach 616-3599 kennydow
Sheila Sampatacos Dance Coach 616-3599 uwsheila
Doug Morin Graduate Assistant Director 543-0824 djmorin
Edd George Graduate Assistant Director 897-1463
Marcus Pimpleton Graduate Assistant Director 897-1463 mjpimp
Ben Gary Instrument Technician 897-1464 bengary
Carol Nishikawa Undergraduate Assistant 543-2920 clnish
Husky Authentic206-543-1137 | 206-543-1641 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Terry Walcutt General Manager 543-1137 twalcutt
Spencer Politeo Assistant Manager 543-1137 spoliteo
Marketing206-543-3086 | 206-685-4668 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jenifer Barsell Associate AD for Marketing and Fan Engagement 221-8210 jbarsell
Ryan Madayag Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience 616-6194 rvm
Jonathan Soriano Design Director of Digital Displays 221-7191 jsoriano
Trenton Cotton

Design Director of Video Productions

Zoe Gano Assistant Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience


Eric Guttorp

Assistant Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience


Jessica Hall Marketing Assistant


Philip Allman Creative Director 422-4566 allmanp
Simon Legaspi Creative Services Production Coordinator 422-4566 simoncl1
Marc Castillo Video Production   mcas1dan
Sports Operations 206-543-2279 | 206-616-1523 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Karen Baebler Assistant AD for Sport Operations 685-7853 kflor
Nicole Marsh Travel Manager 685-7653 nmarsh
Herb Pierce Program Coordinator - Olympic Sports 685-0287 pierceh
Sports Medicine 206-543-2239 | 206-685-3521 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Pat Jenkins Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training/Head Athletic Trainer (MBB) 685-8419 pjenkins
Mike Dillon Associate Athletic Trainer (VB, MGOLF, T&F) 543-9972 mldillon
Jennifer Stueckle Associate Athletic Trainer (WBB, M/WCREW) 221-6279 jennrat
Katie Green Assistant Athletic Trainer (T&F, XC) 543-3178 kgreen2
Daren Nystrom Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) 221-6281 dnystrom
Robert Scheidegger Associate Athletic Trainer/Head Football Athletic Trainer 221-6278 scheidig
Cristina Getto Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) 221-6276 cgetto
Chris Melton Assistant Athletic Trainer (WSOC, CREW) 221-6277 cdmelton
Brian Sahalov Assistant Athletic Trainer  (MSOC, MTENNIS) 685-6687 bdhs
Jake Statz Assistant Athletic Trainer (BASEBALL) 616-0156 statzj
Matt Nerrie Assistant Athletic Trainer 542-2239 nerrie
Caroline Durocher Assistant Athletic Trainer 542-2239 curochec
Chelsea Larsen Assistant Athletic Trainer (GYM, WGOLF) 221-0263 chelcl
Jaqulyn Carrell Assistant Athletic Trainer 542-2239 jcarre14
Ellyn Mangialardi Program Coordinator 543-4482 ellyn
Cassie Pasquariello Counseling and Sport Psychologist 616-4565 cassiep1
Barrymore Rosellini Post Doc Sport Psychology Fellow 685-2780 broselli
John O'Kane Head Team Physician/Medical Coordinator 598-5434 jokane
Michelle Nemetz NCAA DOC Concussion Study (847) 962-3970 mnemetz
Ema Thake Sports Dietitian   emathake
Strength and Conditioning 206-685-1677 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Tim Socha Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 221-7654 timsocha
Henry Ruggiero Dir. of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning - BASEBALL, MSOC, GYM, VB 616-8048 hrugg
Torre Becton Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB


Daniel Shapiro Director of Basketball Athletic Performance - MBB 543-7396 dshap
Rose Baker Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - WSOC, T&F, MCREW 221-2948  rjbaker
Lauren McGuigan Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - WBB, WCREW, WTENNIS 221-7654 lmcguig
David Rak Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - BASEBALL, XC, M/WGOLF, Throwers (978) 425-1872 davidrak
Kyle Sammons Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach- FB 616-6206  
Blair Wagner Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 616-6206 blairw3
Mike McDonald Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach- FB 685-7516 mlmd2
Chris Clendenen Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach- FB (319) 899-3513 cclenden
Tickets 206-543-2200 | 206-616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)

Robert Kristiniak

Associate Athletic Director for Ticket Sales & Service 543-6205 rkris
Bess Hampsch  Director of Ticket Services - Football, Men’s Basketball, Softball 616-4179 hampsch
Libby Johnson Assistant Director of Ticket Services - Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Baseball 616-3619 lajohns

Alan Nguyen

Assistant Director of Ticket Services 616-3283 alnguyen
Season Ticket Services206-543-2200 | 206-616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jim Herrmann Director of Retention & Engagement 616-4067 jimh10
Matt Glover Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-4639 mglove2
Rachel Rice Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-3519 ricer3
Nick Winn Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-2847 nwinn
Tickets: Pac-12 Sales206-543-2200 (ext. 3) | 206-616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jonathan Garfunkel Director of Ticket Sales 221-0617 jgarfunk
Andrew Garlock

Inside Sales Manager, Ticket Sales

616-2473 agarlock

Justin Rothbaum

Account Executive, Ticket Sales


Gwen Montague Account Executive, Ticket Sales 221-5519 gmontague
Barry Kamen Account Executive, Ticket Sales 897-2241 bkamen
Jeff Wiener Account Executive, Ticket Sales 897-2256 jwiener

Garrett Park

Inside Sales Representative



Tyler Beckwith

Inside Sales Representative



Danielle Palumbo

Inside Sales Representative



James Dolce

Summer Sales Representative 685-1929 jdolce
Video Operations    
Name Title Phone (206)
Bill Wong Director of Video Operations 543-7387 ykwong
Nick Irving Director of Football Video 616-8966 nickoxt
Chris Mitchell Director of Football Video Production 616-1532 cmitch2
Crewe Gerhardt Asst. Dir. of Football Technology 616-2466 jcger
Washington IMG Sports Marketing 206-221-3239 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Andre Riley General Manager 221-3742 andre.riley
Scott Boone Sr. Account Executive 221-3071 scott.boone
Sonny Sixkiller Assoc. General Manager 221-7102 sonny.sixkiller
Cameron Wong Sr. Account Executive 897-1727 Cameron.wong
Crista St. John Sr. Account Executive 616-6842 crista.stjohn
Angela Sgarlata Partner Services Coordinator 221-6926 angela.sgarlata

Washington Athletics
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