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Haas Pavilion #4422
Berkeley, CA 94720-4422

Memorial Stadium #4426
Berkeley, CA 94720-4426

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Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance
2227 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720

Doc Hudson Fieldhouse #4426
Berkeley, CA 94720-4426

Ticket Sales & Service Center
Haas Pavilion Club Room
Berkeley, CA 94720-4422

Athletic Ticket Office / Ticket Operations 
1923 Gridiron Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-4422

Staff Directory

(510-642-0580 / Fax: 510-642-3399)
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics H. Michael Williams Email
Executive Assistant Jane Jackson Email
Administrative Assistant TBA TBA
Senior Associate Athletic Director, Chief Financial Officer David Secor Email
Senior Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Services Foti Mellis Email
Associate Athletic Director, Chief Revenue Officer Ashwin Puri Email
Associate Athletic Director & Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) Jenny Simon-O'Neill Email
Associate Athletic Director, Performance, Health & Welfare Ryan Cobb, MS ATC Email
Associate Athletic Director, Facilities, Operations, & Events Management Chris Pezman Email
Associate Athletic Director, Strategic Communications Wes Mallette Email
Associate Athletic Director, Compliance Jay Larson Email
Associate Athletic Director, Development Jeremy Wang Email
Associate Athletic Director, Sports Administration Jay John Email
Athletics Development/Bear Backers
(510-642-2427 / Fax: 510-642-9410)
Administrative Assistant Bri Cuozzo Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Capital Campaigns and Administration Alicia Rowell Email
Senior Director of Development, Stewardship Megan Glasson Email
Assistant Director, Communications & Donor Relations Kevin Peach Email
Communications Specialist Alexandra Sánchez Email
Data Analyst TBA TBA
Communications & Stewardship Coordinator Zane Four Email
Director of Development, Major Gifts Zachary Madonick Email
Director of Development, Major Gifts Andrea Campos Email
Director of Development, Major Gifts Matthew Honerkamp Email
Director of Development, Major Gifts Brian Raney Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Development for Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Beth Voetsch Email
Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Courtney Klein Email
Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Lindsey Scott-Anderson Email
Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Coordinator Spencer Bowen Email
Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Coordinator Maurita Toler Email
Senior Director of Development, Special Events & Donor Hospitality Henrriette Mena Email
Assistant Director of Development, Special Events & Donor Hospitality TBA TBA
Athletic Study Center
(510-642-0605 / Fax: 510-643-8545)
Director Derek Van Rheenen, PhD Email
Assistant Director Tarik Glenn Email
Assistant Director Chris Grace Email
Assistant Director Tony Mirabelli, PhD Email
Director, Student-Athlete Development, Football TBA TBA
Learning Specialist Coordinator Christine Ho Email
Learning Specialist Kris Arden Email
Learning Specialist Jennifer Hunter Email
Learning Specialist Christian Hutchin Email
Learning Specialist Daniel Thomas Email
Transition & Curriculum Development Coordinator Kasra Sotudeh, PhD Email
Academic Advisor Aaron Giacosa Email
Academic Advisor Nick McNeil Email
Academic Advisor Cassidy Raher Email
Academic Advisor Ed Wright Email
Advising Coordinator Melanie Moonsamy Email
Information Technology Manager Richard DeShong Email
Business Manager Kelly Barkan Email
Cal Sports Properties / IMG College
(510-643-1967 / Fax: 510-643-4498)
General Manager Matthew Gallagher Email
Associate General Manager Dave Jaeger Email
Senior Account Executive Jeff Menard Email
Account Executive Ryan Maddox Email
Partner Services Manager Erin Sullivan Email
Coordinator Sponsor Services Katie Fontes Email
Compliance & Student Services
(510-664-9827 / Fax: 510-642-3399)
Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance Briana Fields Email
Assistant Director, Compliance Benjamin Gaus Email
Assistant Director, Compliance Charles Soon Email
Assistant Director, Student Services Mohamed Muqtar Email
Admissions Specialist Therese Houston Email
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Lauryn Holloway Email
Recruiting & Eligibility Coordinator Abby Bradbury Email
(510-642-3049 / Fax: 510-643-8537)
Director, Equipment Sean Markus Email
Manager, Football Equipment Dan Matthiesen Email
Assistant Director, Equipment Laura Wong Email
Assistant Manager, Equipment Tricia Breault Email
Assistant Manager, Equipment Ed Johnston Email
Assistant Manager, Equipment Justin Mathis Email
Equipment Intern Kirk Lewis Email
Assistant Operations, Football Equipment Bud Turner Email
Facilities, Operations, & Events Management
Director, Football & Special Events Gloria Kaci Email
Risk & Access Coordinator Debbie Schram Email
Events Management
(510-642-6130 / Fax: 510-643-1551)
Assistant Athletic Director, Events Management Gordon Bayne Email
Events Manager Danelle Carr Email
Events Manager Jaime Santoyo Email
Events Management Intern Camila Borsato Email
Events Management Intern Alicia Phillips Email
Events Management Intern Anthony Walker Email
(510-643-9759 / Fax: 510-643-6154)
Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities Josh Hummel Email
Athletics Facilities and Events Director Josh Blackford Email
Supervisor, Custodial Services Carlos Cabello Email
Athletics Fields & Turf Supervisor TBA TBA
Lead Carpenter Al Simoni Email
Shipping/Receiving Clerk Mychal LeGrande Email
Lead Custodian Bryant Roche Email
Senior Custodian Juan Manuel Alcantar Email
Senior Custodian Altagracia De La Torre Email
Senior Custodian Salvador Duran Email
Senior Custodian Wilder Lazo Email
Senior Custodian Maria Lomeli Email
Senior Custodian Floridalma Lopez Email
Senior Custodian Martin Rizo-Leon Email
Plumber Michael Burr Email
Building Maintenance Worker Jack Feeney Email
Building Maintenance Worker Mike Hammer Email
Electrician John Luluquisen Email
Electrician Kurt Sakasegawa Email
AV/IT Engineer Ron McKinley Email
Aquatics Supervisor Cameron Chilcoat Email
Painter Jim Riksheim Email
Turf Specialist Tory Merritt Email
Turf Specialist Octavio Rodriguez Email
Turf Specialist Miguel Vasquez Email
Turf Specialist Tim Vigil Email
Athletics Groundskeeper Zachary Waters Email
Athletics Groundskeeper Juan Trujillo Email
Athletics Groundskeeper Jeffrey Kendell Email
Faculty Athletics Representative
(510-642-8187 / Fax: 510-643-5248)
Faculty Athletics Representative Bob Jacobsen Email
Athletic Eligibility Director Josh Alley Email
Finance Operations & Technology
Business & Finance
(510-642-8130/ Fax: 510-643-3938)
Assistant Athletic Director, Business & Finance Sierra Achin Email
Director, Financial Operations Kacy Irwin Email
Analyst, Budget & Reporting Sarah Bottom Email
Analyst, Financial Reporting Alex Reposa Email
Accounting Specialist Kate Miller Email
Athletics Campus Buyer Jose Mendoza Email
Business Office Assistant Sasha Salenko Email
Travel Coordinator Christine Cannon Email
Travel Coordinator Amanda Taylor Email
Travel Intern TBA TBA
Director, Revenue Accounting Lynn Davis Email
Revenue Accountant Alyssa Bleaken Email
Revenue Assistant Lani Romero Email
Ticket Analyst Nikki Oldakowski Email
Operations & HR
(510-642-8302 / Fax: 510-643-3938)
Senior Human Resources Partner Dominga Estrada Email
Special Projects & HR Analyst Patrick Glaessner Email
Finance & HR Assistant TBA TBA
Information Technology
(510-643-0389 / Fax: 510-642-0200)
Director, Information Technology Mark Stuhr Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Information Technology Dan Williams Email
Computer Resource Specialist Christopher Morrison Email
Computer Resource Specialist Angela Wong Email
Systems Administrator Jesse Pietarinen Email
Systems Administrator TBA TBA
Application Developer TBA TBA
Intercollegiate Services
(510-642-1897 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Director, Championships & Sports Operations Jeanette Morganti Email
Director, Olympic Sports Operations Aaron Schulman Email
Director, Sports Operations Maria Uriarte Email
Athletics Scheduler Clarke Dolliver Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development Paul Savage Email
Student-Athlete Development Intern Dara Schnoll Email
Sales & Service
(800-GO BEARS, 800-462-3277)
Ticket Sales & Service
Assistant Athletic Director, Revenue Initiatives Justin Panarese Email
Revenue Generation Coordinator Courtney Hamilton Email
Director, Ticket Sales David Kao Email
Account Executive Conor Frederick Email
Account Executive Paige Maeda Email
Account Executive Patrick Marshall Email
Account Executive Natasha Vital Email
Account Executive Jack Keys Email
Account Executive Elizabeth Maggi TBA
Premium Account Executive Scott Adamek Email
Premium Account Executive Rod Gaerlan Email
Premium Account Executive Kevin Mitchell Email
Premium Account Executive Madeleine Amodeo Email
Customer Relationship Manager Chris Carney Email
Ticket Operations
Assistant Athletic Director, Ticket Operations & Service Chris Celona Email
Account Executive - Customer Service Kevin Dang Email
Account Executive - Customer Service Erica Peterson Email
Account Executive - Customer Service Geena Serles Email
Associate Director, Ticket Operations Tyler Jahnke Email
Assistant Director, Ticket Operations Alex Casqueiro Email
Assistant Director, Ticket Operations AJ Chance Email
Ticket Operations Intern Joshua Toyofuku Email
Director, Licensing Dan Perkins Email
Sports Medicine - Simpson Center
(510-642-4878 / Fax: 510-643-0792)
Sports Medicine - Haas Pavilion
(510-642-3868 / Fax: 510-642-0200)
Sports Medicine - Administrative Assistant
(510-643-4801 / Fax: 510-643-0792)
Sports Medicine Administration
Head Team Physician Casey Batten, MD Email
Medical Director, University Health Service Brad Buchman, MD Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine Laura Dixon MS ATC Email
Sports Science Operations Cheryl Cox Email
Insurance Coordinator Dan Westbrook Email
Associate Team Physicians
Associate Team Physician Veronica Jow, MD Email
Associate Team Physician Harris Masket, MD Email
Associate Team Physician Jeff Nelson, MD Email
Athletic Trainers / Physical Therapists
Associate Athletic Trainer Elaine Garcia MS ATC CSCS Email
Associate Athletic Trainer Barry Parsons MEd ATC Email
Athletic Trainer Ann Caslin MA ATC Email
Athletic Trainer Nakiesha Brooks-Davis MS ATC Email
Athletic Trainer Lauren Forsyth Email
Athletic Trainer Kristy Illg Email
Athletic Trainer Brenden Lambert MS ATC Email
Athletic Trainer Brynn Fuller MS ATC Email
Athletic Trainer John Mucovich Email
Athletic Trainer Carol Rogers MS ATC CSCS Email
Athletic Trainer Rachel Salazar Email
Athletic Trainer Jackie Chan Email
Athletic Trainer Jillian Rubin Email
Physical Therapist Michael Branzel DPT Email
Physical Therapist Liz Nguyen DPT Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Joshua Carey Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Katherine Hughes Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Kirsten Marony Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Domanique Peretti Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Brittany Santucci Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Keri Sotak Email
Intern Athletic Trainer Alicia Torrence Email
Sports Nutritionist
Sports Nutritionist Kirsten Graves Email
Strategic Communications
Athletics Communications
Assistant Athletic Director, Communications | 510-334-0791
M. Basketball, W. Swimming & Diving, M/W Crew
Herb Benenson
Associate Director, Athletics Communications | 510-219-9340
Football, M. Golf
Kyle McRae
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-642-5048
M. Soccer, M/W Tennis
Dean Caparaz Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-813-6056
W. Soccer, M/W Track & Field,
W. Golf, M/W Cross Country
Lamar Carter Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-643-1741
Baseball, M. Water Polo, M. Swimming & Diving, Softball
Ben Enos
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-501-9555
Anton Malko Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-643-9036
Football, Lacrosse
Tim Miguel Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications / Managing Editor | 510-643-7644
Volleyball, W. Water Polo, Beach
Jonathan Okanes Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications | 510-643-5846
Field Hockey, W. Basketball,
M/W Gymnastics
Mara Rudolph Email
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications
Assistant Director, Athletics Communications
Creative Services
(510-642-2444 / Fax: 510-643-7778)
Director, Brand Creative & Digital Services John Lemein Email
Director, Video Tsubasa Onozaki Email
Video Producer Jared Jones Email
Video Producer Paul Woo Email
Graphic Designer Evan Kerr Email
Graphic Designer William Mitchell Email
Graphic Designer Lauren Charles Email
Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing Bethany Cordell Email
Assistant Director, Marketing - Digital Marketing Daniel Watkins Email
Marketing Coordinator TBA TBA
Fan Experience
Director, Fan Experience Lauren Carey Email
Assistant Director, Fan Experience John Corwin Email
Fan Experience Coordinator TBA TBA
Fan Experience Coordinator TBA TBA
Spirit Groups
Assistant Director, Fan Experience & Spirit Coordinator Diane Milano Email
Head Cheer Coach Lisa Keys Email
Assistant Cheer Coach Paulina Fraser Email
Head Dance Coach Jonni Rogers Email
Strength & Conditioning
(510-642-8763 / Fax: 510-643-9336)
Director, Strength & Conditioning Mike Blasquez Email
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Football Damon Harrington Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Hank Behrens Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Nicodemus Christopher Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Courtnee Butler Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Cory Castro Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Bret Huth Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Ibrahim Munayer Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Adam Potts Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Joel Smith Email
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach David Ziemba Email
(510-643-6006 / Fax: 510-642-9591)
Head Coach David Esquer Email
Assistant Coach Brad Sanfilippo Email
Assistant Coach Thomas Eager Email
Men's Basketball
(510-642-0361 / Fax: 510-642-6807)
Head Coach Cuonzo Martin Email
Associate Head Coach Tracy Webster Email
Assistant Coach Tim O'Toole Email
Assistant Coach Wyking Jones Email
Director, Men's Basketball Operations Marco Harris Email
Assistant Director, Men's Basketball Operations Marcus Green Email
Assistant Director, Men's Basketball Operations Savanna Smith Email
Video Coordinator Mitch Elkins Email
Women's Basketball
(510-642-9448 / Fax: 510-643-5021)
Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb Email
Associate Head Coach Charmin Smith Email
Assistant Coach Kai Felton Email
Assistant Coach Wendale Farrow Email
Director, Women's Basketball Operations Jill Culbertson Email
Assistant Director, Women's Basketball Operations TBA TBA
Women's Basketball Operations Intern Ryan Gruebel Email
Video Coordinator Eli Bottom Email
Beach Volleyball
(510-642-5776 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Head Coach Meagan Schmitt Email
Director of Volleyball Rich Feller Email
Men's Crew
(510-533-8931 / Fax: 510-533-8054)
Director of Cal Crew Mike Teti Email
Assistant Coach Scott Frandsen Email
Assistant Coach & Recruiting Director Patrick Schulkers Email
Boathouse/Equipment Manager Mike Fennelly Email
Women's Crew
(510-642-9414 / Fax: 510-643-1116)
Head Coach Al Acosta Email
Associate Head Coach Sarah Puddicombe Email
Assistant Coach Vanessa Tavalero Email
Rigger/Boatman Jay Peart Email
Cross Country
(510-642-9447 / Fax: 510-642-9262)
Director of Track & Field/Cross Country Tony Sandoval Email
Head Coach Shayla Houlihan Email
Assistant Coach Chas Davis Email
(510-517-9669 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Field Hockey
(510-642-9415 / Fax: 510-642-7958)
Head Coach Shellie Onstead Email
Assistant Coach Malachi Mahan Email
Assistant Coach Austin Pile Email
(510-643-6526 / Fax: 510-643-9336)
Head Coach/Outside Receivers Coach Sonny Dykes Email
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Jake Spavital Email
Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach Art Kaufman Email
Defensive Line Coach Fred Tate Email
Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Coach Garret Chachere Email
Safeties Coach Greg Burns Email
Cornerbacks Coach John Lovett Email
Inside Wide Receivers Coach Jacob Peeler Email
Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Mark Tommerdahl Email
Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Brandon Jones Email
Assistant Athletic Director, Football Administration Andrew McGraw Email
Executive Assistant to Head Football Coach TBA TBA
Director, Football Technology Matt Fox Email
Assistant Director, Video Production Jake Macauley Email
Assistant Director, Football Operations Zachary Reed Email
Director, Football Recruiting Operations TBA TBA
Assistant Director, Football Recruiting Hank Weinberger Email
Director, Player Development Kevin Parker Email
Director, Career Development Ron Coccimiglio Email
Offensive Assistant - Quality Control Brian Hamilton Email
Defensive Assistant - Quality Control Carlos Alvarado Email
Special Teams Assistant - Quality Control TBA TBA
Football Recruiting & Admin Intern TBA TBA
Men's Golf
(510-643-5914 / Fax: 510-643-1116)
Head Coach Steve Desimone Email
Associate Head Coach Walter Chun Email
Women's Golf
(510-643-7940 / Fax: 510-643-1116)
Head Coach Nancy McDaniel Email
Assistant Coach Beverly Vatananugulkit Email
Men's Gymnastics
(510-642-9313 / Fax: 510-642-8339)
Head Coach Brett McClure Email
Assistant Coach JT Okada Email
Women's Gymnastics
(510-643-0282 / Fax: 510-642-8339)
Director of Cal Gymnastics Justin Howell Email
Associate Head Coach Elisabeth Crandall Email
(510-643-2580 / Fax: 510-642-7958)
Head Coach Brooke Eubanks Email
Assistant Coach Kacie Lewis Email
Assistant Coach Megan Takacs Email
(510-643-1971 / Fax: 510-643-2192)
Head Coach Jack Clark Email
Associate Head Coach Tom Billups Email
Assistant Coach Mike MacDonald Email
Director, Rugby Operations Jerry Figone Email
Men's Soccer
(510-642-5916 / Fax: 510-643-2536)
Head Coach Kevin Grimes Email
Assistant Coach Javier Ayala-Hil Email
Goalkeeper Coach Henry Foulk Email
Women's Soccer
(510-643-8100 / Fax: 510-643-253
Head Coach Neil McGuire Email
Associate Head Coach Chris Lemay Email
Assistant Coach Cori Callahan Email
(510-643-9101 / Fax: 510-643-1116)
Head Coach Diane Ninemire Email
Associate Head Coach Tammy Lohmann Email
Assistant Coach Chuck D'Arcy Email
Men's Swimming
(510-642-5917 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Head Coach David Durden Email
Associate Head Coach Yuri Suguiyama Email
Women's Swimming
(510-642-9450 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Head Coach Teri McKeever Email
Assistant Coach Ian Walsh Email
Men's Tennis
(510-642-1153 / Fax: 510-642-6142)
Head Coach Peter Wright Email
Associate Head Coach Tyler Browne Email
Women's Tennis
(510-642-9449 / Fax: 510-642-6142)
Head Coach Amanda Augustus Email
Assistant Coach Zack Warren Email
Track & Field
(510-643-4692 / Fax: 510-642-9262)
Director of Track & Field/Cross Country Tony Sandoval Email
Associate Head Coach & Recruiting Coordinator Mike Gipson Email
Assistant Coach & Associate Recruiting Coordinator Chas Davis Email
Assistant Coach Nkosinza Balumbu Email
Assistant Coach Shayla Houlihan Email
Assistant Coach Mohamad Saatara Email
(510-643-0978 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Director of Volleyball, Head Coach Rich Feller Email
Associate Head Coach Matt McShane Email
Assistant Coach Jennifer Dorr Email
Director, Volleyball Operations David Dantes Email
Men's Water Polo
(510-643-1465 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Head Coach Kirk Everist Email
Assistant Coach Jeffrey Tyrrell Email
Women's Water Polo
(510-643-2484 / Fax: 510-643-5344)
Head Coach Rich Corso Email
Associate Head Coach Matt Flesher Email
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