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Tutoring is an effective means for student-athletes to improve overall understanding of course material, develop strong study skills/habits, and ultimately reach their academic goals. Tutors are not intended to teach course material, but are there to clarify and elaborate on material covered in course readings and lectures. If utilized properly, tutoring can be an extremely valuable learning tool for both the tutor and tutee. Student-athletes may request a tutor for a variety of reasons; therefore, tutors may work with students who are having trouble passing a course or students who simply wish to raise their course average (e.g., from a B to an A). Student-athletes should come prepared to tutorial sessions and have all necessary course materials, such as books, notes, and course packets.  They are expected to be active participants in tutorial sessions.

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Tutoring Guidelines

  • Free tutorial assistance is available to all student-athletes.
  • Currently, our tutorial program fills approximately 500 tutor requests each semester and employs over 100 tutors.
  • Tutoring sessions are scheduled to occur at least once per week for one hour, though tutoring sessions may vary based on the needs of the student-athlete. Sessions are expected to begin and end on time.
  • To request a tutor, student-athletes must meet with their ASCDU Counselor.
  • If a student-athlete is unable to attend a tutoring session, immediate communication with the student-athlete's ASCDU Counselor must occur.
  • Tutoring sessions may be suspended due to excessive missed sessions or related issues, pending results of a meeting with the coach, student-athlete and team counselor.
  • Student-athletes and tutors MAY NOT exchange telephone numbers, email addresses, instant messenger screen names, or "Facebook/Twitter".
  • Tutors and student-athletes must abide by the UMD Honor Code at all times.

Are you interested in becoming an academic tutor?

We accept applications throughout the year for all subjects. To apply, complete the ASCDU Tutor Application and drop it off to ASCDU suite 1697, 1st floor Xfinity Center, attention Sharon Staples or Todd Nally, ASCDU Tutorial Program Coordinators. The application must include a faculty recommendation, a copy of your unofficial transcript, and a personal statement.

Questions for the Program Coordinators 

If you have any additional questions please contact Sharon Staples at 301-314-0690 or Todd Nally at 301-405-5858.