The Billiken Club Priority Points System

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The Billiken Club is an annual charitable giving program that benefits the Department of Athletics at Saint Louis University. Funds raised through The Billiken Club help underwrite the costs of running our NCAA Division I athletic program.

Our goal each season is to represent the University and St. Louis proudly by winning with integrity, hosting exciting athletic events, graduating our student-athletes and encouraging them to serve as role models for the next generation. Much of our success depends upon the generosity of alumni, friends and fans of Saint Louis University Athletics.

Your gift to The Billiken Club will enhance the academic and athletic opportunities afforded to each of our student-athletes.

We ask for your investment in The Billiken Club.
Every gift makes a difference.


Cash Gifts
Although Billiken Club benefits begin with a minimum contribution of $150 ($100 for Young Alums), the Billiken Club accepts all cash gifts.

Matching Gifts
The Billiken Club meets the criteria for the matching gift programs of many companies. If your employer has such a program, you will receive credit for the company match amount, which will increase your benefit level and earn you additional priority points.

Gifts in Kind/Trade
Products or services that the athletic department can use during the course of the year, and would normally have to purchase, often are welcomed as membership gifts. Contact the Billiken Club at (314) 977-8180 for more information about this option.

Securities and Property
Securities, real property and tangible personal property all are special gifts that may be made to the Billiken Club.

Planned/Estate Gift
A planned gift can offer the donor substantial tax and estate planning benefits and allows the donor to make a larger and more lasting gift to Billiken Athletics. This allows an individual to be a key supporter while leaving a lasting legacy. There are several ways in which a donor can make a planned gift to Billiken Athletics.

Capital/Endowed Giving
Our aspirations depend upon a broad strategic plan and having the resources to pursue this vision. SLU alumni and friends must invest in athletic facilities and our endowment if we are to secure our future. State-of-the art facilities will enable our coaches to more effectively recruit the talent required to win, while the growth of our athletic endowment will have a tremendous impact upon our ability to enhance current operations. Please contact the Billiken Club at (314) 977-8180 or for more information.

For more information on participating in the Billiken Club, contact us at (314) 977-8180 or via email at