What Does My Gift Do?

Your gift DOES make a difference in the lives of Miami student-athletes.

Gifts to the Red & White Club go directly toward annual scholarship needs for student-athletes. Here are a few examples of how your gift can make an impact:

$100 could give a student-athlete a book for her first-year English course.

$250 may be enough for a Chemistry textbook and lab manual for a student-athlete who wants to go to medical school.

$600 could cover books for the final semester of college for a student-athlete.

$1,200 may buy books for an entire year for a student-athlete who plans on attending pharmacy school after graduation.

$2,300 could house a student-athlete for the fall semester, as he prepares for December graduation.

$4,400 may feed a student-athlete as she studies to become a high school teacher.

$16,000 could cover tuition for one year for a student-athlete, who will work toward having her research published as an undergraduate.

For more information about the Red & White Club, or if you're interested in other ways of providing support for Miami student-athletes, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (513) 529-8097 or email us at RWClub@muohio.edu.