Why Should I Join the Red & White Club?

With scholarship costs for the athletic department approaching $6 million annually, the support of the Red & White Club is vital to the long-term growth and success of Miami Athletics. Gifts to the Red & White Club help offset the rising cost of scholarships and afford Miami student-athletes the opportunity to pursue a prestigious degree while competing for championships.

Maximizing our ability to provide scholarship assistance allows our coaches to recruit and retain the highest caliber student-athletes and is essential for the continued success, competitiveness and sustainability of our sports programs.

As a Red & White Club member, you are making an investment in Miami student- athletes and playing a vital role in contributing to the future championships and successes of Miami Athletics. Join the Red & White Club Today!

For more information about the Red & White Club, or if you're interested in other ways of providing support for Miami student-athletes, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (513) 529-8097 or email us at RWClub@muohio.edu.