2012 Tribe Lacrosse Virtual Guide
Updated: Friday 09/08/2011 (ET)
by TribeAthletics.com
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The 2012 William and Mary lacrosse virtual guide is now available for viewing online below.

New for the 2012 season is the Tribe Lacrosse Virtual Guide, which features photos and text that link to TribeAthletics.com, WM.edu, videos on YouTube.com and other websites that enhance the information available within the publication. Below are a few notes that will be helpful when viewing the virtual guide.

- Blue circles with the play button are clickable and will direct the viewer to video content (note: after placing the cursor on the button, a "Follow Link" black box will appear - this is what should be clicked to view the video) on YouTube.com and TribeAthletics.tv.

- When moving the cursor across page, blue outlined boxes and blue shaded boxes will appear around photos and text that link to Web sites that enhance the information available on the page.

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