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Telecare Original Programming
09/19/2017 12:15:25 (ET)

Daily Mass from St. Agnes & St. Patrick's Cathedral: The heart of our broadcast day focuses us on the "summit and source" of our lives - the Celebration of the Eucharist.  Celebrate Daily Mass from St. Agnes Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and Our Lady of Loretto.


Catholic Perspectives: The news flow in America is constant and immediate.  As Catholics it is often difficult to understand the news in light of our Catholic faith.  Moral and ethical challenges exist in the midst of the news every day.  Catholic Perspectives unpacks...Read More...

CHS Presents: Lifestyles at the Heart of Health is a new series on Telecare that provides viewers with medical, nutritional, and fitness information they need to improve their health and well-being, either in their daily lives or for specific ailments... Read More...

CHS Presents: Health Connect: Tune in each week as we bring you the latest in research and information on medical procedures and advancements from our integrated health care delivery system... Read More... 

Encounter, hosted by Bishop John Barres, offers reflections on Pope Francis' “Culture of Encounter” and celebrates the different ways to encounter Jesus and one another through prayer, solidarity and understanding.

Everyday Faith Live: Everyday Faith Live! Telecare's live news show is returning for its 9th season.  Every Wednesday and Friday Telecare's anchor team report on the latest in church and social news, issues, and events.  Correspondents report from national and international locations including USCCB news from Washington and Papal news from Vatican City, Rome.
Family Comes First:  Each week our hosts Vincent J. Russo and Victoria Roberts Drogin will take a look at the challenges that real-life families face everyday and offer resources and advice from experts.  We will share amazing stories of extraordinary people and their devotion to family that surely will inspire you.  Remember family truly does come first!
God is Good: Fr. Charles Mangano and his sister Laurie are back again as our dynamic duo sharing their gifts of song and prayer!
Guided by Grace: Guided by Grace is a panel discussion program where Catholic women share their experiences and journeys of faith and spirituality as they explore issues with views rooted in foundations of Catholic beliefs and tradition. 
Hope & Mercy - The Key to Transformation with Fr. Francis Pizzarelli, SMMEach week our host, Fr. Francis (Frank) Pizzarelli, SMM addresses how parents can help their teens and young adults live their lives amidst the challenges of modern society...(read more)... 
Insight: Insight sheds light to what's on our minds and provides a better understanding of some important topics that affect our lives as Catholics offered by the opinions and wisdom of the shows hosts by Bishop Robert Brennan, Bishop Nelson Perez and Msgr. Joe DeGrocco.
Living Scripture: Join us for the best of "Living Scripture".  Read and reflect on Holy Scripture where our hosts share its meaning and message with you, our viewers.
Living Your Faith:  Host Jane Hanson along with panelist from the Catholic University in Washington will use the book The Compendium-The Catechism of the Catholic Church along with highlighting the works of the Order of Malta to show what it truly means live the Catholic faith. 
Molloy College The Public Square 2.0:  Join Dr. Drew Bogner, President of Molloy College, along with some of the great faculty that teach at Molloy, for a brand-new show - The Public Square 2.0.  Dynamic professors will share their insights on subjects that we hope you will find both entertaining and enlightening. Each show includes an exciting presentation, followed by an in-depth discussion between Dr. Bogner and the presenter.
Real Food:  Real Food hosted by Msgr. Jim Vlaun brings faith into the kitchen! Along with chefs and guests from around the country, Msgr. Jim shows us that food is more than just nourishment to the body. Real Food highlights the importance of faith, gathering with family and sharing a meal.
The Word:  The Word is a scripture based program that features the weekly Sunday Gospel. The show is alternatively hosted by Father Frank Nelson, Pastor of Maria Regina in Seaford, and Msgr. Chris Heller, Pastor of St. Joseph's in Babylon. The two shed light on the weeks Gospel which then leads to a guest priest or deacon who will proclaim the Word of God and offer a homily.
On “Tomorrow's Hope,” join host Bernadette Castro as she uncovers the incredible benefits offered by a Catholic Education and the financial support that The Tomorrow's Hope Foundation provides to schools and their students.
Sharing Knowledge: Presented by St. John's University, join University President Conrado Bobby Gempesaw as he and his guests discuss religious and secular topics that are pertinent to adults of all ages...
St. Paul, Priest & Pastor - HOPE:  In the context of Endurance & Encouragement.  In conversation Msgr. Jim and Fr. Fortunatus speak about St. Paul's writings in regards to HOPE, endurance and encouragement in life.  In addition, Fr. Fortunatus shares his personal vocation to the priesthood. 

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