Institutional Control and adherence to both the letter and spirit of NCAA regulations are of critical importance to intercollegiate athletics. Hofstra University remains dedicated to operating its intercollegiate athletics program with the highest level of integrity.

This website has been developed to assist with your understanding of NCAA legislation and the impact these guidelines have institutionally and beyond. Moreover, institutional, conference and NCAA policies and procedures have been detailed to provide you with the foundation of information needed to support your individual compliance obligations.

The Department of Athletics at Hofstra University strives to be recognized as a leader with the national membership for upholding a comprehensive NCAA Compliance program.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Office at (516) 463-5228.

We appreciate your cooperation – GO PRIDE!


Jeffrey A. Hathaway                                                   
Vice President and Director of Athletics

Jim Gibbons
Associate Director of Athletics for NCAA Education and Compliance Services