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The Gael Logo
Release: Monday 10/20/2008 
by SMC Athletics

Who are Gaels?

The Gaels are an ethno-linguistic group which spread from Ireland to Scotland and the Isle of Man. Their language is of the Gaelic (Goidelic) family, a division of Insular Celtic languages. The word in English was adopted in 1810 from Scottish Gaelic Gaidheal (compare Irish Gaedhealg and Old Irish Goídeleg) to designate a Highlander (OED). Gael or Goídeleg was first used as a collective term to describe people from Ireland; it is thought to have come from Welsh Gwyddel (Old Welsh Goídel), originally "raider", now "Irish person". Many people who do not speak Gaelic consider themselves to be 'Gaels' in a broader sense because of their ancestry and heritage.


What does the SMC Gael logo mean?

The SMC logo derived from the name Gaels is designed in part from the art form most notably, knot work design from the genre of Gaelic and Celtic times. The overlapping of letterforms creates a monogram that symbolizes unity, unity of school, and team. The shield is an element of protection and is one of the symbols of Gaelic warfare.


What does the Celtic knot represent?

Family, Unity, and Brotherhood 

What does the shield represent?

Strength, Pride, and Celtic Warrior

What does the G stand for?