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2015 Saint Mary's College Summer Tennis Camps

What to bring? 

  • All players must bring their own appropriate sized racket each day to camp. 
  • Please make sure your player wears non-marking tennis shoes, not running shoes.
  • We recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat,
    and sunglasses if needed. 
  • Lastly, bring water or elecrolyte drink and a snack such
    as fruit or an energy bar. 

What to expect in all camps: 

  • On court instruction from USPTA Coach Drew
    Diefenbach, former tennis professional at
    The Olympic Club, and USTA High Performance Coach. 
  • On court instruction from both current and former Saint Mary's College tennis players.
  • Student ratio of about 6:1
  • Utilization of NCAA Division 1, 12 Court Facility and
    modern 10 and Under tennis equipment such as
    smaller nets and low compression balls.

Every participant will receive a free Saint Mary's College
Camp Tshirt!

2015 Saint Mary's College Jr. Tennis Camps

Session 1: June 15-19                                                          
Session 2: June 22-26
Session 3: July 6-10

Red Ball (Ages 4-6)

Red/Orange Ball (Ages 7-8)
Red/Orange Ball (Ages 4-8)
Orange Ball (Ages 9-10)
Green/Yellow Ball (Ages 11-12)
Yellow Ball (Ages 13-18) Red Ball (Ages 4-6)

Monday through Friday

Red Ball 9-10AM
Red/Orange Ball 9-10AM
Red/Orange Ball 2:00-3:00PM
Orange Ball 2:00-4:30PM
Green/Yellow Ball 2:00-4:30PM
Yellow Ball 2:00-4:30PM

Ages 4-8 $63
Ages 9-18 $157

SMC Jr. Tennis Camps: Ages 4-12

Ages 4-6 (Red Ball): We use smaller nets, low compression red balls, and encourage appropriate sized racquets for every player. Motor skill development, hand-eye skills, and basic technique
will be taught to every player. Players will learn through a variety
of games, which makes this camp fun! 

Ages 7-8 (Red/Orange Ball): This camp is designed to transition kids from red to orange ball and begin rallying and playing tennis through drills and games. All players will learn modern stroke techniques including the serve.

Ages 4-8 (Red/Orange Ball): Every junior tennis player will
have the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement that tennis has to offer during this camp. Each individual will learn
the proper modern techniques necessary to achieve excellent
tennis strokes in a safe and encouraging environment. On the
final day of camp there will be prizes and an ice-cream party
for all players! 1:8 instructor to child ratio.  

Ages 9-10 (Orange Ball): The low-compression orange ball
will be used for rallying, playing games, and short matches
on a 60 foot court. Students will learn all of the strokes, court positioning, and strategy. 

Age 11-12 (Green/Yellow Ball): Students will be playing on
the full length tennis court and be grouped by ability level.
They will have a great experience playing games, learning
strokes through exciting drills, and participating in daily fitness activities. 

Age 13-18 (Yellow Ball): This Saint Mary's Tennis Camp
blends instructive drills, live-ball games, and informative
match play to create an experience of excitement for the
sport of tennis. Players of all skill levels, including High School
and competitive tournament players are welcome to participate.
On the first day of camp every player will be evaluated so
that his or her instructional needs can be maximized
throughout the week. 



2015 Saint Mary's College Bay Area Girls High School Tennis Camp

Session 1: July 13-17 (2:00pm-4:30pm): $157 for session
Session 2: July 20-23 (2:30pm-5:00pm) $125 for session

Grades: 9-12 (High School) Get geared up because this camp is designed to get the high school girls of The San Francisco
Bay Area prepared for their tennis season. All high school girls
who are actively on a team or will be are welcome to participate.
The camp will have specially designed fitness workouts,
technical help from experienced players and pros, and a
large amount of singles and doubles match play. Players'
abilities will be assessed and every athlete will be highly
challenged no matter their skill level. 




All Sport


Basketball, Boys

Basketball, Girls





Soccer, Boys

Soccer, Girls





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