Greg Rex, Director of Video Services for the Tiger athletic department, has been working in the athletic department since the fall of 2003 when he was an undergraduate.

Rex worked as a general facilities assistant in the athletics and facilities event management department until he received his undergraduate degree in the spring of 2005. In addition, Rex completed an internship with the Tigers marketing department in the spring of 2004 to fulfill a class requirement. As a senior he served as the senior administrative assistant/video coordinator and manager for the men's basketball team.  In 2005, Rex served an internship in the equipment room as well as serving as the video coordinator for the football team. He was hired as the coordinator of video services for the athletic department in August of 2006. 

Rex is responsible for coordinating the video needs of the athletics department including the production of cut ups of opponents, self-scout cut ups, highlights/special events video for the department website, end of season highlight videos, post game press conferences and weekly interviews.  Additional responsibilities include ordering/maintaining video equipment, archving/cataloging video, recruiting/training/securing interns and student workers, as well as coordinating live web streaming of our home games on the Towson TV Network. 

Rex is a member of the Collegiate Sports Video Association and recently completed his masters in human resource development. He is now pursuing a second masters in instructional technology along with a database management certificate in applied information technology.

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