Department of Athletics Scheduling Policy

The Department of Athletics develops team schedules to minimize conflict with the academic responsibilities of student-athletes.  The Chancellor approved priority registration for student-athletes to also help minimize conflicts between classes and athletic obligations.  Most student-athletes are able to schedule required courses during morning hours and during the off-season to significantly reduce potential conflicts between classes and athletic schedules. 

The Department of Athletics adheres to the NCAA policy for not missing classes due to practices and every effort is made to schedule competition with the least amount of class time missed.  Through the Student-Athlete Advising Center, missed class letters are prepared and forwarded to faculty, who have student-athletes enrolled in their classes, of dates when student-athletes will miss class due to scheduled competition.  Should there be a conflict between an instructor's expectations and athletic competition, the student-athlete will adhere to class demands.

In the preparation of competition schedules, coaches make a good faith effort to prepare schedules that provide an optimal balance between missed class time and competition.  Scheduling flexibility is somewhat limited at times due to conference schedule obligations.   Coaches complete a "Proposed Declaration of Playing & Practice Season" form that is reviewed by the Director of Compliance, Associate Athletic Director for Business, the Sport Supervisor, and the Deputy Athletic Director/SWA.  An important focus of this review is the number of missed classes associated with competition.  Competition schedules are revised, as necessary, when there is an excessive number of absences.    Additionally, the Athletic Council reviews the number of missed classes per semester and approves schedules according to the Student-Athlete Missed Class Policy.