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Started in the fall of 2007, the “Seahawks Tomorrow” program strives to provide elementary school children in New Hanover County the opportunity to learn about the importance of education and physical activity in their daily lives.

The motivation behind the “Seahawks Tomorrow” program is to give local elementary students a chance to visit a college campus and see what higher education can offer.  For many students, the “Seahawks Tomorrow” field trip is their first visit not only to UNC Wilmington but to any college campus.  The emphasis is to for them to experience as fifth graders what they can achieve if they continue to work hard academically as they progress through middle and high school.  The combination of the academic tour with the basketball game also stresses the importance of staying physically fit to young people.

Every year, the UNC Wilmington women’s basketball program selects one game to serve as the annual “Seahawks Tomorrow” contest.  Once the date has been selected, all local elementary schools are notified of the event and given a date to reserve their spot to attend.

All fifth graders in New Hanover County are offered a chance to take a campus tour and attend the game. Schools are also given the option to bring their K-4 students to the game.

This year’s “Seahawks Tomorrow” game was a huge success as more than 4000 New Hanover County Elementary school children cheered on the Seahawks to a 60-53 victory over the Huskies of Northeastern. Six schools - Alderman, College Park, Eaton, Holly Tree, Sunset Park and Wrightsville Beach – brought their fifth-grade class while four schools - College Park, Eaton, Holly Tree and Wrightsville Beach – had their entire student body attend the game.  


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