2015-16 UNC Asheville Student-Athlete Advisory Committee





 We, the members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, make it our mission to enhance the total student-athlete experience and bridge the gap between our institutions athletes and its community.




  • Creating a voice for the student-athletes of UNC Asheville within our institution, the Big South Conference, the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association, and the NCAA.
  • Soliciting student-athlete input on various programs which involve student-athletes such as academic counseling, peer tutoring and community service projects
  • Promoting a positive student-athlete image
  • Enhancing the total student-athlete experience
  • Connecting student-athletes with their community through various community service projects


2016-17 SAAC Representatives


Reid Jackson, President- Women's Swimming

Kevin Vannatta, Vice President- Men's Basketball

Shelby Erickson, Secretary/Tresurer- Volleyball

Kennan Devaney, Volunteer Coordinator - Men's Track and Field

Justine James, Event Coordinator- Women's Soccer


Matt Barrera - Men's Cross Country

Erica Belforti- Women's Soccer

Rebecca Black- Women's Golf

Julia Borschel- Volleyball

Ja'Da Brayboy - Women's Basketball

Jordan Carr- Baseball

Elizabeth Conte- Women's Swimming

Zach Compton- Men's Soccer

Amalie Davidsen- Women's Tennis

Reid Dillon- Men's Tennis

Lauren Etheridge - Women's Cross Country

Kelli Fisher - Women's Basketball

Jordan Fulbright- Baseball

Cara Gurthrie- Volleyball

Hunter Hall- Women's Tennis

Caroline Houser- Women's Soccer

Emma Houser- Women's Soccer

Brandon Millington- Men's Soccer

Courtney Naber- Women's Soccer

Kayli Nichols - Women's Track and Field

Erica Olberding- Women's Golf

Hayden Poell- Men's Soccer

Morgan Rulevich- Women's Swimming

Phoebe Schneider - Women's Cross Country

Jerry Smith, Men's Track and Field

Josh Swindler- Men's Tennis

Jessica Woolfe- Women's Swimming

Khaila Webb - Women's Basketball

Giacomo Zilli - Men's Basketball