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The U.S. Bank/NM State Athletics Hall of Fame seeks to recognize New Mexico State University student-athletes, coaches, special benefactors, and teams who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either by virtue of their performance on athletic teams representing the University, or by meritorious efforts on behalf of athletics.

The hall of fame is maintained thanks to the generous support of U.S. Bank.

In all, 90 former student-athletes are honored in the display including A.F. (Hooky) Apodaca, Lauro Apadaca and Jay Mechem, who were selected for outstanding accomplishments in two sports, football and men's basketball. In addition, 1991 inductee Gary Ward played both baseball and men's basketball, and 1993 inductee Bobby Humphrey played football and track & field.

Football has the largest number of indivdual inductees with 42 former players and coaches on the list followed by men's basketball (19), women's basketball (7), men's golf (7), baseball (6), women's golf (3), track & field (3), volleyball (2), softball (1), swimming & diving (1), rodeo (1) and gymnastics (1). 



Student-Athlete:   Any former New Mexico State University student-athlete with a distinguished intercollegiate career.


Coach:   Any former New Mexico State University coach who has had a distinguished coaching career.


Benefactor:   Any individual who contributed to the New Mexico State University Intercollegiate athletics program in a way to have been a great benefit to coaches and student-athletes.  The contribution should not be solely financial in nature.


Team:   Any former New Mexico State University team, sponsored by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department, which distinguished itself through achieving regional and national honors.


Athletic Director’s Special Recognition:   It may become appropriate, on occasion, to honor individuals who have garnered attention and favorable notice through their accomplishments while representing New Mexico State University and collegiate athletics in general.  This honor is bestowed on those who have touched the lives of many throughout their professional careers.




The nominee, if a student-athlete, becomes eligible for consideration five years after the expiration of NCAA eligibility.  The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship both while in school and after leaving the University.


The nominee does not have to be a graduate of New Mexico State University.  However, a former student or non-graduate should have performed meritorious service for or on behalf of the Intercollegiate Athletics program.  The nominees, if a team, become eligible for consideration five years after the expiration of NCAA eligibility of all team members.




A maximum of three selections may be made per year from the categories of student-athlete, coach, and benefactor.  Only one team selection may be made per year.  The Director’s Special Recognition will be at the discretion of the Athletics Director.


Anyone may submit nominations to the Athletics Hall of Fame Committee.  The nominations must be made on the official nomination form, which is available from the NM State Athletics Media Relations Office and from US Bank.



The Committee shall meet and compose a ballot consisting of the nominees and previous nominees.  The total list of names on the ballot will not exceed 20 from the categories of student-athlete, coach, and benefactor.  The total list of teams on the ballot will not exceed 10.


The NM State Athletics Media Relations office shall provide, each year, a list of outstanding student-athletes in the graduating class five years prior, to the first full committee meeting.  In addition, the Media Relations Office will keep an up-to-date list of all inductees and all others who have been given past consideration.


The committee will vote by ballot for selections to the Athletics Hall of Fame.  Each committee member will vote for three inductees from the categories of student-athlete, coach, and benefactor, and for one team from the team category.  The inductee must be selected by a two-third majority of the voting members of the committee.


The selection committee will meet in the early Fall of each year and the balloting will be conducted so that the inductees will be announced in the Fall.


A working committee will consist of:  Director of Athletics or his/her designated representative, Sr.  Associate Athletics Director/Operations, Assistant Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, and Assistant Athletics Director/Media Relations.



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