NM State Horse Donation Information & Process
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  10/06/2011

The NM State Women's Equestrian Team is always looking for quality donations to add to our program.  We keep a herd of about 30 head, consisting of roughly 15 hunter seat horses and 15 western horses.  Most of our horses come to us with extensive show careers.  Our western horses are mostly Quarter Horses and Paint Horses.  Our hunter seat horses consist of "A" Show quality Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.  Horses are ridden during team practices and are used for home competitions.  On show day, horses are ridden by NMSU riders as well as riders from the opposing team.  Our horses are subject to the affection and attention of 25+ riders on the NM State Equestrian Team.

We are looking for horses that have previous show experience and specialized training.  In addition, they must have the temperament to tolerate various styles of talented riders.  Western horses need training and show experience in the horsemanship or reining/cowhorse classes.  Hunter seat horses to be used for jumping need to have been shown successfully in 3 foot and higher hunter, equitation, and/or jumper divisions.  Because our fence classes are judged on equitation, we are looking for horses that are quiet enough to be used in equitation classes.  We also have a need for horses that are capable of performing upper-level flat work that includes such maneuvers as shoulder-in, haunches-in, counter canter, collections and lengthening of gaits, all within a dressage ring.  The NM State Equestrian Team does not start and break colts, though green horses may be accepted in the program if they have a solid foundation with potential in our events.  Horses accepted into the program must be sound and able to be ridden on a daily basis with limited maintenance.  However, we realize the needs of today's show horses and can accommodate specialty shoeing and joint injections.

Donating a horse is a great option for owners seeking a tax deduction.  The paperwork will go through the University system and donors receive confirmation from New Mexico State that a donation has been made.  The value of the donation is determined by you and/or your appraiser.  If a "first right of refusal" is preferred by the donor once the horse's career is finished at NM STATE, it can be worked out with the coaches.

We currently request a 10 day trial for all possible donations (though exceptions can apply).  This is to ensure that your horse will work for our program and that your horse will remain comfortable and willing while having multiple riders (all very advanced and accomplished equestrians).  We also want to make sure your horse will work for our program so that we can help secure your donation for the IRS required 3 year period.  We want to give your horse a new home and job for as long as he is able.  During the trial, we agree upon and sign a Horse Loan Agreement between you and the NM State Equestrian Team, which is similar to a lease agreement.

If you feel your horse would be an asset to our team and are interested in speaking with someone for further information, please contact us at any time, our office number is 575-646-4795:

Hunter Seat Horses: Jessica Hensley: hensleyj@nmsu.edu

Western Horses: Robin Morris-Walters: robinkm@nmsu.edu

If you are interested in donating your show horse to the NM State Equestrian Team we will need the following for initial review (more documentation necessary to complete and finalize donation):

  • 1. A brief letter of intent to the NM State Equestrian Team stating that you wish to donate your horse. Please include the horse's registered name and number (if applicable).
  • 2. Contact information of current owner and trainer.
  • 3. A DVD/online link showing footage of your horse in their respective discipline and event
  • 4. Pertinent veterinary/health records (previous injuries including detailed accounts from a veterinary reference, illness, regular injections, vaccinations, etc)

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