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UMKC Compliance aims to establish and maintain institutional control informed by the NCAA National Office and industry standards set by the National Association for Athletics Compliance (NAAC). The Office educates all constituents as to how best comply with requirements of the NCAA and the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). The UMKC Compliance Office empowers individuals to make informed decisions with regard to their behavior related to NCAA rules compliance.

The Compliance Office is available to coaches, staff, student-athletes and boosters. Legislative interpretations are typically provided within 24 business hours.   

Primary Charges:

  1. Education
    • Interpret legislation
      • Advise permissible methods to reach desired goals
    • Review pending legislation
      • Explain impact on program and collect feedback
    • Empower individuals to make informed decisions
      • Boosters, recruits, campus personnel, student-athletes, departmental staff
    • Inform institutional procedures related to NCAA rules
    • Departmental workflows, cross-campus working groups, wider campus initiatives
  2. Monitoring
    • Review coaching activity and documentation
      • Practice, recruiting, travel, contests, staffing
    • Observe activities of staff and student-athletes
      • Interactions with prospects, boosters, competition, promotions
    • Oversee institutional procedures
    • Squad list management, awarding aid, scholarship offers
  3. Reporting
    • Complete required NCAA, WAC, and institutional reports
      • Requests and self-reports, Sport Sponsorship and Demographics 
    • Primary contact to WAC, Academic and Membership Affairs, the Eligibility Center, Financial Aid, Admissions, the International Student Affairs Office, High Schools
      • Interpretations, best practices, procedural guidance    

Institutional Control:

  • Faculty Athletics Representative: In accordance with NCAA Bylaw 4.02.2, UMKC has assigned the position of Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) to a member of the faculty. The FAR assists the institution in maintaining institutional control by fulfilling the university’s obligation of monitoring the activities of the Athletics Department from an external point-of-view. The FAR, in conjunction with the department’s chief compliance officer, also serves as the institution’s professional sports counsel, assisting student-athletes with agents, contracts, insurance, and the like.
  • The Compliance Subcommittee of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee: The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC), is a group of campus and community personnel who serve as an advisory body that regularly evaluates the department in terms of academic control, rules monitoring and education, fiscal responsibility, gender equity and student welfare issues.
  • Compliance Liaisons Working Group: The UMKC Compliance Liaisons, a cross-campus working group chaired by the Manager of Compliance, serves as the locus of control for institutional NCAA certification related to student-athletes and is an advisory board for departmental policies and procedures. Members of this group include professionals from the UMKC Registrar’s Office, the UMKC Office of Admissions, the UMKC Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, the UMKC International Student Affairs Office, along with their counterparts from UMKC Athletics Business Office, Compliance Office and Student-Athlete Support Services Office.

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