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Eddie O'Brien Student-Athlete of the Year: There's something unique about the student-athlete experience that can be shared with other student-athletes regardless of the sport. excelling on and off the field, in and out of the pool, in the classroom, in the community, and sometimes holding a job at the same time can be quite the balancing act. Each year the athletics department honors two Student-Athletes of the Year who exemplify excellence in academics, athletics, and community service. This is considered the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Seattle University student-athlete. The award was renamed after Eddie O'Brien beginning with the 2013-14 season.

2015-16: Martina Samadan (volleyball)/Shaddye Melu (track and field)
Stephanie Verdoia (women's soccer)/Hamza Haddadi (men's soccer)
Julia Besagno (women's soccer)/Kevin Lynch (men's tennis)
Stephanie Verdoia (women's soccer)/Nate Roberts (baseball)
2011-12: Katrina Schwab (women's tennis)/Keith Andrews (men's swimming)
2010-11: Jamie Mellies (women's volleyball)/Conor Spink (men's baseball)
2009-10: Kate Edstrom (women's soccer)/Derek Rogalsky (men's soccer)
2008-09: Katie Hansen (cross country)/Austen Powers (men's basketball)
2007-08: Ashley Porter (women's soccer)/Chris Coley (men's swimming)
2006-07: Ana Gutierrez (women's soccer)/Adam Jensen (men's soccer)
2005-06: Sarah Sommerman (volleyball)/Chris Moriarty (cross country)
2004-05: Tafara Pulse (women's soccer)/Chris Coley (men's swimming)
2003-04: Jennifer Hewitt (softball)/J. Matthew Blaine (cross country/track & field)
2002-03: Nichole Sauvageau (women's soccer)/Steve Manos (cross country/track & field)
2001-02: Lindsay Leeder (women's soccer)/John Callan (cross country)
2001-01: Nichole Sauvageau (women's soccer)/Kevin Lybarger (cross country)

101 Club Bill Fenton Athlete of the Year: The 101 Club Bill Fenton Athlete of the Year Award is given in honor of Willard "Bill" Fenton, class of 1946. Fenton served as Seattle University's assistant athletic director after his graduation. He was elevated to athletic director in the fall of 1950, and guided the Chieftan's rise to national prominence in the early 1950s, notably that of the men's basketball team.

Fenton was widely respected and admired by his athletes and coaches until he resigned the post in 1955 to become executive director of the 101 Club at the Washignton Athletic Club. The glory years of Seattle University athletics would likely not have come to pass without Bill's vision and guidance. This award is given annually to one male and one female student-athlete who have demonstrated excellence in athletics.

2015-16: David Olsen (men's soccer)/Mandie Maddux (track and field)
Isiah Umipig (men's basketball) and Shaddye Melu (track and field)/Sophie Curatilo (track and field)
Miguel Gonzalez (men's soccer)/Stephanie Verdoia (women's soccer)
Erik Barkhaus (cross country)/Kacie Sowell (women's basketball)
2011-12: Aaron Broussard (men's basketball)/Caitlin McCleary (women's golf)
2010-11: Jordan Anderson (men's swimming)/Emily Walters (track and field)
2009-10: Bryson Chiu (men's swimming)/Kara Kuttler (women's soccer)
2008-09: Jamie Foote (softball)/Bryson Chiu (men's swimming)
2007-08: Leah Wymer (women's soccer)/John Fishbaughter (men's soccer)
2006-07: Erin Martin (softball)/Ryan Webb (men's basketball)
2005-06: Chris Coley (men's swimming)/Lindsey Gall (women's swimming)

Mark Escandon University Sports Service Award: The University Sports Service Award is given to the individual who has gone above and beyond in their service to the Seattle University Athletics Department. This person can be an administrator, coach, student-athlete, or representative of athletic interests.

2015-16: JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan/Bill Eisiminger
Chad Pharis (Track and Field)
Erin Engelhardt/Seattle U Grounds Crew
John Dougherty/Luci Masredjian
2011-12: Bill Hogan
2010-11: Greg Sempadian
2009-10: Sara Leady/Ben Guthrie
2008-09: Caitlin Kimura
2007-08: Kelly Lynch
2006-07: Lt. Co. Audrey Hudgins
2005-06: Chris Rettkowski

Individual Mission Award: The Mission Award was created in 2007 to honor an individual student-athlete who exemplifies the mission of Seattle University. The recipients of this award have gone above and beyond in their service and demonstrate a dedication to the community, but also embody the core values of Seattle University.

2015-16: Jennifer Cruz (women's rowing)
Meghan Arigo (cross country/track and field)
Corinne Wurden (women's tennis)
Kelly Biette (volleyball)
2011-12: Meeghan Bergmann (track and field)
2010-11: Renee Vandermause (women's soccer)
2009-10: Jamie Peterson (women's soccer)
2008-09: Sean Rawson
2007-08: Jackie Thomas/Michael Knight
2006-07: Jennifer Innes/Jackie Thomas

Team Mission Award: The Team Mission Award was created in 2007 to honor the team that exemplifies the mission of Seattle University. The recipients of this award have gone above and beyond in their service and demonstrate a dedication to the community, but also embody the core values of Seattle University.

2015-16: Volleyball
Men's and women's swimming
Women's rowing
Women's tennis
2011-12: Men's and women's swimming
2010-11: Baseball
2009-10: Baseball
2008-09: Volleyball
2007-08: Men's Basketball
2006-07: Men's Basketball

Competition of the Year: Established in 2009, the Competition of the Year Award is given to either an individual or a team for either the most inspiring or best performance of the year by a Seattle University student-athlete or team.

2015-16: Men's soccer win vs. UCLA in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament
Women's soccer 2-1 win at Washington State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament/Men's basketball win over Colorado in the CBI
Men's soccer's 2-1 win at Creighton in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Nov. 21
Women's basketball 55-53 win vs. Idaho on Mar. 9 to clinch WAC regular season title
2011-12: Women's soccer 2-0 win over No. 8 Portland on Sept. 2
2010-11: Women's tennis 4-3 win over San Jose State on March 27 and Baseball 5-4 win over nationally ranked Oregon State in Corvallis on March 22.
2009-10: Women's 400 Medley Relay @ PCSC Championships (Rachel Leighter, Alexis Morehouse, Briley Boggs, Elizabeth Hanohano)
2008-09: Women's Basketball 75-74 victory over North Dakota on Feb. 7

Top Freshman 15: Established in 2009, the Top Freshman 15 is given to 15 freshmen student-athletes who have stood out among their peers in their first year of competition. This can either be through dedication to the team, excellence in athletics, work in the community, or excellence in the classroom.

2015-16: Karli White (women’s soccer), Nathan Aune (men’s soccer), Taylor Woo (rowing), Andie Larkins (softball), Zach Wolf (baseball), Print Yusabai (men’s golf), Linette Chua (women’s golf), Michael Schoettler (men’s tennis), Carley Ponchetti (cheer & dance), Olivia Stein (women’s XC), Eli Boudouris (men’s XC), Chloe Harris (women’s track), Jake Spurgeon (men’s basketball), Mitchell Crossen (men’s swimming), Jenessa Schulte (women’s swimming), Mila Duarte (volleyball)
2014-15: Joe Harvie (men's golf), Lucy Fu (women's rowing), Johanna Erickson (women's cross country), Ben Monk (men's cross country), Jadon Cohee (men's basketball), Crystal Allen (women's basketball), Madi Lydig (women's swimming), Jack Baldoni (men's swimming), Alex Purdy (dance), Michelle Lui (women's tennis), Matt Alderson (men's tennis), Kyra Tengan (cheer), Jelena Vujcin (volleyball), Dalton Hurd (baseball), Breanna Timmons (softball), Abby Wachter (women's track and field), Cameron Peters (men's track and field), Isabelle Butterfield (women's soccer), Alex Roldan (men's soccer)
Brock Carpenter (baseball), Wilma Afunugo (women's basketball), William Powell (men's basketball), Tyler Flannery (men's cross country), Lila Rice (women's cross country), Dorsey Addicks (women's golf), Ahren Young (men's golf), Kailyn Zimmer (women's rowing), Kyle Bjornethun (men's soccer), Mariah O'Neil (women's soccer), Lindsay Davis (softball), Tanner Schelling (men's swimming), Blaise Wittenauer-Lee (women's swimming), Connor Leahy (men's tennis), Kelli Woodman (women's tennis), Joe Charbonneau (men's track & field), Alessandra Gonzales (women's track & field), Iris Ivanis (volleyball), Tyler Christopher (cheer), Natalie Lucey (dance)
Amanda Beyke (women's golf), Andy Cunningham (men's swimming), McKenzie Daniels (volleyball), Chris Davis (men's cross country), Skyler Furr (spirit squad), Isabella Geronimo (softball), Ted Hammond (baseball), Kelsey Hopkins (women's rowing), Kristen James (women's tennis), Zach Kosanke (men's tennis), Becca Lassere (women's cross country), Jane Liggett (women's swimming), Amanda Maddux (women's track and field), Shaddye Melu (men's track and field), Jose Merlo (men's soccer), Brianna Smallidge (women's soccer), Kristin Stoffel (women's basketball), David Torres (men's golf), David Trimble (men's basketball)
Luiz Bidart (men's basketball), Cali Cull (women's track and field), Sophie Curatilo (women's cross country), Renee Dillard-Brown (women's basketball), Bethany Gehrke (women's swimming), Alec Goodrie (women's volleyball), Monica Keo (women's golf), Jens Klitgaard (men's soccer), Kyle Moline (men's swimming), Bubba Morrow (women's softball), Christine Mosley (cheer and dance), Brian Olson (men's baseball), Collin Overbay (men's cross country), Austin Thummel-Gravitt (men's track and field), and Stephanie Verdoia (women's soccer).
2010-11: Jeff Baklund (men's cross country), Jordan Beals (men's golf), Jason Bediones (men's tennis), Julia Besagno (women's soccer), Sterling Carter (men's basketball), Nicole Doi (women's swimming), Allison Farley (volleyball), Jake Feener (men's soccer), Nicole Gaddie (women's golf), Brandan Haggarty (men's track & field), Cory Mack (baseball), Tomas Mendez-Beck (men's swimming), Sarah Petosa (softball), Kacie Sowell (women's basketball), Cara Talty (women's cross country), Emily Walters (women's track & field), and Gabriella Weissmann (women's tennis).
2009-10: Meeghan Bergmann (cross country/track & field), Kelly Biette (volleyball), Troy Bratton (men's soccer), Lauren Hammerle (cross country/track & field), Yusuke Kanehira (men's tennis), Steffanie Mortera (women's tennis), Carlee Norquist (women's soccer), Shannon Quinn (women's golf), Shelby Remillard (women's swimming), Kelton Sears (cross country/track & field), Rob Seibly (men's golf), Ryan Somers (baseball), Jennifer Stolle (cross country/track & field), Jessica Ulrich (softball), Joe Wertz (men's swimming)
2008-09: Keith Andrews (men's swimming), Erik Barkhaus (cross country), Sarah Bolce (cross country), Aaron Broussard (men's basketball), Hayley Cobb (women's swimming), Kaytlyn Dill (volleyball), Justin Goar (golf), Ty Jaros (track & field), Kelsey Johnson (golf), Elle Kerfoot (women's basketball), Hannah Klein (softball), Kyle Peterman (men's soccer), Jordan Salisbury (women's soccer), Katrina Schwab (women's tennis), Adam Strizich (men's tennis), Rachel Vranizan (track & field)

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