They’ve caught, they’ve run, they’ve thrown. They’ve skied, boxed and swam.

They did it with distinction.

They are the members of the Vandal Athletics Hall of Fame – a collection of student-athletes, coaches and administrators that spans more than 100 years of University of Idaho history. They are our legends, our heroes.

“The University of Idaho has a rich tradition and a celebrated history,” director of athletics Rob Spear said. “What has been missing, though, is a tribute to those whose athletic achievement is legend and upon whom our spirit has been built.

The Vandal Athletics Hall of Fame was instituted in the fall of 2007 and welcomed 102 charter members over two years.


2007 Inductees

2008 Inductees

2010 Inductees

2012 Inductees

2014 Inductees

By sport

Composite list



Standards for Selection


Nominations will include five categories:


1.      Former athletes

2.      Former Coaches-except in special circumstances

3.      Team recognition

4.      Former athletic staff

5.      Outstanding contributions to Vandal Athletics


Former Athletes - Must have complete intercollegiate eligibility at lease five years prior to selections, with at least two years of competition at the University of Idaho. Desirable qualifications include graduation, All-American recognition, being an NCAA Champion, and Olympic participant, a world or conference record setter, an all-conference 1st team selection, scholar athlete achievement, amateur or professional athletic achievement, and/or continuing contributions to the University of Idaho.


Former Coaches - Those who coached at least five years at the University of Idaho, coaches who graduated from the University of Idaho, or those who completed their last two years of eligibility at the University of Idaho are eligible. Win-loss records, conference championships, national championships, contributions to athletics, and achievement in public life are desirable qualifications.


Team Recognition - University of Idaho teams that have won conference championships or competed in post-season competition as a team, including football bowl teams, basketball teams progressing to the Sweet-Sixteen of the NCAA or NIT Championships, and/or other sports teams that have achieved outstanding success.


Former Athletic Staff - Athletic staff must have served the University of Idaho at least five years or graduated from the University of Idaho and went on to success in athletic administration at another institution. Desirable qualifications include: contributions to the field of intercollegiate, interscholastic or profession sports, and/or achievement in public life.


Outstanding Contributions to Vandal Athletics - Individuals who have contributed to the successes of the University of Idaho intercollegiate athletics and who do not fall into other categories.



Selection Process


1. Vandal Scholarship Fund members, University of Idaho alumni, members of the University Foundation and friends of the University of Idaho make nominations.


2. From the master file of past and current nominations the Hall of Fame Committee will annually prioritize a voting list of ten candidates. The voting list will be updated each year and on the third year a final list with the appropriate biographical information shall be forwarded to the entire membership for voting into the Hall of Fame. A nominee will remain in the master file for three voting cycles and if not selected at that time, shall become part of the veteran’s pool from which a candidate may be selected by the committee each voting cycle.


3. Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be held every three years. The Athletic Director’s office will coordinate the ceremonies.


4. Inductees will be chosen by two-thirds vote of all committee members. The number of inductees should be held to a small number each period, but the committee will have the option to set the size of any incoming class.