On October 7, 2011 the University of Idaho, in conjunction with Vandal Athletics, acknowledged the statement "Throw the V," the "V" logo and hand gesture as official insignias of the university.  The hand signal is used by individuals both to identify themselves as Idaho Vandals and as a celebratory expression. The "V" logo and hand gesture are powerful and enduring ways to show Vandal pride and spirit.

Background and Usage:

"V" Hand Gesture

Years prior to the official university announcement, the "V" hand gesture was used by various Vandal student-athletes as a way to celebrate and exclaim "Vandal Pride."  This usage slowly caught on with the University of Idaho student population as well as fans.

Whether you throw it high, low, backwards, sideways, with one hand or two, the "V" is a Vandal's connection to their community. It signifies Idaho's legendary past as well as current and future success.

"V" Logo

The "V" is a distinctive mark that resonates energy, power and strength. It leverages the University of Idaho mascot "Vandals" - the only university in the nation with this unique moniker. The "V" logo is a secondary mark and does not replace other well know Idaho logos such as the "I-Vandals," "Vandals" script or the iconic Joe Vandal characterture. The "V" is another representative and complementary mark of the University of Idaho and the Idaho Vandals.