Athletic Media Relations Office

The Oral Roberts Athletic Media Relations office is the liason between working media and Oral Roberts athletic programs. The office consists of one director, two full-time assistants, and several student assistants, who publicize ORU athletics, including student-athletes, coaches and staff members.

The primary purpose of the Oral Roberts Media Relations Office is to serve as liaison between ORU athletics' administration, coaches and student-athletes and the local, state and national media.

To facilitate the requests of ORU officials and athletes as well as print and electronic media in order to ensure the best possible media coverage of ORU’s 16 varsity sports. The department provides a wide range of other services to meet the ever-growing needs of media covering collegiate sports, as well as to assist other information-seeking organizations and individuals. In addition, the department serves as the chief public relations branch of ORU athletics, keeping image a top priority in its dealings with media, fans and others wishing to learn more about ORU athletics and its people.

ORU Logos
Download the ORU logo in EPS or JPG format. For other files or secondary logos, please contact a member of the Media Relations Office.

Contact Information
Athletic Media Relations
Oral Roberts University
7777 S. Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74147
Fax: (918) 495-7142

BlakeFreelandBlake Freeland
Asst. A.D./Media Relations
Sports: Men's Basketball, M/W Golf, M/W Cross Country, M/W Outdoor Track & Field
Office Phone: 918-495-7181

<a class=Phillip Dowden

Director/Media Relations

Sports: Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis
Office Phone: 918-495-7094


<a class=Eric Scott
Media Relations Assistant
Sports: Baseball, M/W Soccer, M/W Indoor Track & Field
Office Phone: 918-495-6646

Media Interview Requests

Media wanting to interview Oral Roberts University student-athletes, coaches or staff must contact the Media Relations office, which will arrange the interview.

The best time to conduct interviews with student-athletes is after practice sessions, which vary by team, as do rules for interviewing at each team's practice – please check with the Media Relations office for more information about a specific sport.

Media that attend a practice session are asked to keep their distance from the action and not to talk to student-athletes or coaches while practice is occurring. A Media Relations representative will assist you in interviews after the practice's completion. Team meetings before, during or after practice are private and not accessible to the media.

Interviews that can not be conducted at that time will be arranged around the student-athlete or coach's schedule. Phone numbers of student-athletes will NOT be released to the media and media should NEVER attempt to call student-athletes at home.

It is requested that media give the Media Relations office enough advanced warning when they want to (a) arrange an interview or (b) attend a practice. Last minute interview requests cannot be guaranteed to be honored.

Post-game interviews following home contests are also handled through the Media Relations office. After a 10-minute cooling off period, coaches and requested student-athletes will be brought to the designated interview area for that sport. Locker rooms following contests are closed to the media.

The Media Relations office will do everything to respect the requests of the media and it is expected that the media respect the policies set forth by the Media Relations office.