Penn Athletics Trademark Licensing Program

1 : to issue, to permit or to give permission or consent to (transitive verb)
2 : permission to act, freedom of action (noun)

1 : a distinguishing characteristic or feature firmly associated with a person or thing (noun)

Per University of Pennsylvania policy, Penn Athletics requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior approval before producing any product(s) that will display any of Penn Athletics' marks both current and historic; regardless of the method of distribution. This includes the Penn Relays name and logos.

This formal licensing program is administered through the University of Pennsylvania’s Business Services Office and in a partnership with Learfield Licensing Partners. In order to use the University's marks, a vendor must enter into a licensing agreement for use of the Penn Athletics marks. A license is a written legal agreement between the owner of the trademark (licensor) and a manufacturer/vendor (licensee). This license must be in place with Learfield Licensing before use of the marks occurs.

University of Pennsylvania departments and student groups are required to purchase emblematic merchandise from officially licensed vendors.

To obtain a Penn Athletics license or to get more information, please contact Learfield Licensing Partners. Once a license has been granted, vendors will receive access to the Penn Athletics approved artwork.

Learfield Licensing Partners
8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 605
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 669-0808

For more information about the University’s licensing program, click here